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What do you love about your looks?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (10971points) March 21st, 2016

Many of us can be very self-critical about appearance. I often hear a beautiful woman complain about her “huge” thighs or “ugly” nose. I know plenty of men who fret about thinning hair, not understanding that bald men are sexy.

Let’s turn this around. Would you focus on something about your physical looks that you really enjoy, whether by DNA (liking your height or the shape of your chin) or effort (a trim, fit body from regular workouts)? Go ahead and brag; it’s alright to feel good about yourself.

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I don’t even look anymore and never really did more than what was required to keep well groomed. I haven’t scared anyone away lately, so I guess I look OK. So, I like that about my looks.

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I have great hair, and great tits and a great ass. My lips are full and naturally pink, my eyes are a beautiful light brown, and… Oh, wait, I forgot to say I’m really hot.

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I have great feet.

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I have big beautiful almond shaped eyes and full lips. High cheekbones, small 20 inch waist, 34D breasts, curves in the right places. I am petite at only 5’3 and sometimes wish I was taller, but I love my look. I also have a nice olive skin tone with golden brown hair. I look exotic, but can be ethnically ambiguous. Everyone says I look like the exotic version of Scarlett Johansson which I don’t mind.

I do admit I have been blessed with physical beauty.

But it’s depressing because I think it’s a double-edged sword.

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That I just do not care about my looks.

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I wish I could be like that and say I don’t care about my looks o_O I’m an actress though in Hollywood, so it does play a huge role whether people in LA like to admit it or not…I live in a very “physical” and “beauty” driven area. Not only physical beauty, but beauty in architecture, cooking, design, music, films, art, etc.

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I still have a full head of hair and I’m a 55 yo guy.
That’s all I got – I don’t give it a lot of thought. I just stopped to GA a positive personal question.

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I like my eyes and my nose, and my cheekbones. My lips are nice, too. I like my hair since I started dyeing it with henna.

My eyes change colours, but are usually somewhere between slate gray and an emerald green. My eyelashes are just long enough to make a good mascara not have to work overtime.

My face, in general, is about ten years younger than itself, and about 20 years younger than the rest of my body. I figure I’ll look too young to be taken seriously until I’m too old to be taken seriously.

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@OlianderClub – 20 inch waist? Is that with a corset? the fabled Scarlett O’Hara had an 18 inch waist. A 20 inch waist is normal for a four-year-old. A 14 inch difference between one’s waist and one’s ribcage is pretty extreme.

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@Seek No it’s without it. Wow… yes I remember that part in the film Gone With The Wind! I think the lady was fastening her corset for her? I’m 23. I’m just tiny, short, petite @ 5’2 sometimes I wish I was taller…... like 5’7

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I have a constant weight number. I can’t seem to get fat no matter how much I eat Or maybe I haven’t eaten enough.

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Hair came to my mind, as @ibstubro said. I’m 20 and still have a full head of hair. I hope it stays like that, cause believe it or not I see people my age who are already starting to recede and thin. My dad’s in his 40s and has a full head, so I’m hoping I can at least make it that far.

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love would be preposterous. I’m just grateful to be accustomed to what I see in the mirror.

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Beauty is my burden to bear.

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A Santa Claus beard.

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As someone with BDD, this is subject to change. But as of right now, I’m pleased with the shape and size of my eyes, that my eyebrows are naturally really great and require zero maintenance, and that my nails grow quick, are strong, and look nice.

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Everything, honestly, i’d fancy the arse off me if I were a woman with great taste & loved helicopters.

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I like that I am in shape with my weight right in the middle of the healthy BMI band for my height.

Oh! Guys over 55 will like this one…. Now that I am prostateless, I piss like a race horse! I could use that skill to win bar bets and fund my next car purchase.

I’ll bet you a 20 I can flush that toilet across the room while standing right here.

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That I am perfect in the eyes of the one who designed me..God.

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I love that I’m often mistaken for younger, I love my blue eyes, and I like my body type (I’m fairly short, but not overly skinny or weak). I used to dislike having a somewhat big nose and being short, but those seem minor now and overall I’m pleased with my appearance.

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I’m fine the way I’m… Nothing to complain about !!!

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I have a great, smile, pretty blue eyes, naturally blonde hair and was quite the little hottie back in the day. Not drop dead gorgeous but the cute, girl next door type. I held up really well through my 40’s but at 56 now I am content to let my age happen and while I still look nice I am under no illusions that I am 25 anymore. I have enjoyed a good run physically but what really makes me attractive is my good nature and humorous personality.

I’m a very genuine sort and can make anyone feel comfortable instantly. :-D

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@Coloma I have a deep appreciation for people that embrace aging like you.

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@PriceisRightx26 Thanks, the path of least resistance is the best path. haha

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I don’t scare a bulldog off a meat wagon. So that’s good.

I have nice salt and pepper hair and (I’m told) a memorable deep voice.

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Not much anymore. Thick , healthy hair and boobs. Maybe high cheekbones. Other than those things , nothing. Bound to happen eventually but very depressing.

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I love my hair, its thick, deep chocolate brown, shiny, healthy and falls to my hips.

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