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Why do women shave their body hair?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) July 26th, 2008

why is this considered beautiful/sexy?

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See this recent thread.

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to look and feel sexy of course. U don’t wanna b touching a beautiful women and shes all hairy. Makes u think of a man.

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Ever put hair in your mouth?.....Gross!

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@Randy: yes, many times. Unfortunately men don’t return the favor of keeping a smooth surface.

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@WF, not ALL men ;) i like to keep it fresh and clean shaven too, just not my legs, i mean, if i’d have a girlfriend that would lick my legs….that would be just weird….

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@iwa, your avatar begs to differ…....

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that’s just the face, but the armpits, wrists and hands, groin area, that’s all shaven, and the chest?.....i can’t grow hair there :(

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lol….so, is that an indication of where you’d want a potential girlfriend to kiss you?? (just answer yes/no, otherwise the mods might have to step in ;))

But seriously, kudos to you for making an effort. Far too few men do!

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well, i don’t do it for the girls, i do it because i think it’s gross, especially armpit hair, ewwww

oh and…yes !

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About armpit hair…I feel nasty if I don’t shave my pits everyday. It doesn’t even grow that fast but I do it anyway. However, I prefer men to have armpit hair. How backwards is that? I just find armpit, arm, leg and chest hair attractive and manly (on a man). Granted, Robin Williams just has too much.

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I’ll admit I kinda like the rugged hairy look, but armpit hair is never cool!

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A small amount of clean armpit hair. I don’t want to run my hands through it or anything shudders but it just seems manly to me.

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each to their own, I guess. I don’t actually like hair in any place that’s prone to sweat – it just seems dirty.

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Which is why it’s so backwards of me, because it grosses me out on my own body. I do not pretend to be anything other than odd…

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@wf, exactly, and that’s why i shave my wrists and hands, i hate playing guitar with sweaty wrists

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I guess I should sign up for the odd club myself. I like the looks of a guy with stubble, but I really hate having stubble touching my skin…..go figure!

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what about guys with a beard ?

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My husband has a beard, I love it but it tickles when we kiss.

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My husband usually has beard too. Which is fine. It’s the short coarse hairs that are terrible – but they look so….....<swoon>

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I keep my body hair under control as well. A lot of guys really do these days. I shave my arms, (wrists and hands) chest and stomach. Mostly for the same reasons that iwamoto listed. playing guitar with sweaty hands does suck Another reason I do it though, is so my tattoos will show better. They look nasty under hair. I just like to repay the favor to the ladies as well. Like I said, hair in the mouth is so damn nasty.

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Why don’t men?

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Good man, Randy! Just an idea though, swap to shaving the armpits rather than the stomach…..dragonlady there is the exception ;)

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I definitely keep my hair shaven and well groomed everywhere. I don’t completely shave my armpits, but I don’t let my hair go crazy. The only thing I don’t shave are my legs. (And face sometimes)

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Women shaving their legs started in the 20s when women started wearing short skirts and dresses and by the 40s it was a common practice. As for shaving pubic hair, you can attribute that to the porn industry becoming more mainstream and featuring women with little to no pubic hair, which in turn became what men wanted in their partners and what women thought they’re supposed to look like.


Because it is not feminine. Body hair is normally considered a “masculine” attribute, and most men would not want to make love to a “mannish-looking and mannish-feeling” woman! Lol.

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