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Could my g/f be pregnant if she had a light period for only 2 days. Its never happened before to her. She's been nauscious and feeling tired the last week or so. She dosnt wanna take a preg test?

Asked by JH (27points) July 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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yes, some women continue to have periods during pregnacy I have heard.

Why doesn’t she want to take a test? Seems Iffy to me….

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Why would she not want to take a pregnancy test??? You’ll never truely know unless you take one! This information isn’t enough. Ay yi yi.

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We can speculate all we want, but you’ll never know unless she takes a test. I suppose you can wait a month, or 2, or 3 to find out, but that’s not really the best choice. If its something else, like a cyst or PID, she needs to see a doctor to determine the problem.

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get a CLEARBLUE test.
The other tests are crap, clearblue are the only accurate ones In my experiance.

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I’ve had 3 children, and I had light, short periods every time. In fact, it was my husband who figured out I was pregnant each time, due to my nausea and vomiting! Take the damn test already!

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I don’t see any other solution to this other than she taking a pregnancy-test. I also think it’s very irresponsible of her not to.

On a sidenote, this is why fluther is the best, when you ask questions like this, actual women answer… I’m not a woman though.

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Yes, she could be pregnant, she should take a test.

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Make her take the test. As tiny said if she’s not pregnant there could be something else going on. If she’s pregnant she needs to see a doctor and if she’s not pregnant there’s something going on and she still needs to see a doctor.

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Does she have any other symptoms such as a fever, abdominal cramping, or pelvic pain? She could have something else serious going on that is not a pregnancy that requires medical attention. Does she have a doctor with call-in hours? If she continues to feel worse or not improve I would force her to go to the doctor to rule out any illness or more serious condition. Also a doctor can provide support and options for your girlfriend if a pregnancy test is positive.

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Buy the test. Go to her house or your house and make her pee on the stick. Not taking the test won’t help the situation in any way.

If she takes the test and it is no, you can both stop worrying, and you will stop bringing it up.

If she takes the test and it is yes, then you have to make a whole bunch of decisions to make. Those decisions should not be postponed.

You don’t mention your ages, but sometimes young women manipulate guys (definitely misguided) this way.

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Also the symptoms you are describing could be caused by starting a new form of hormonal birth control (these side effects usually disappear after 3 months, give or take).

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Are you two ready to have a child?If yes, forget the test. If no,——>this way to the drugstore. At least you can eliminate that issue and see what else might be going on (see Kay ^^)..

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Screw the test. Take her to the doctor. Like tinyfaery said, it could be something else. The doctor will be able to tell her either way so then you can figure out what the deal really is. Pregnant, serious female problem or nothing, doctors usually know and can tell you.

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If she is having her period then she’s not pregnant. Plus girls can get sick or even throw up wheb their on their period

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@Comedian That is not true. Please do not spread misinformation. From Pregnancy Info Net:

“Some women can continue to have light periods or spotting during pregnancy, especially during the first few months. ”

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@Marina: that is what I was taught in schhol, that was what happened to everyone that I know who has had a child, and that is what happened to me. And I have done research.

Sorry I don’t mean to get snappy.

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@Comedian: That isn’t what we were taught… Nevermind.

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well you probably went to a different school. but whatever. each to his/her own

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A school full of ignorant people? great~

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I had a light period for 3 days when I was pregnant with my daughter. Don’t listen to Comedian. he/she is not funny and has no idea of what he/she is talking about. Tell your girfriend to take all the precautions needed if she is in fact pregnant.. no drinking drugs, etc. until she knows for sure if she is pregnant. Better to be safe than sorry. have her tested to be sure. Good Luck!

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wow. harsh scamp. I wasn’t even trying to be funny. I was just trying to answer the question. I’m sorry I was wrong

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You gave the wrong information, then argued when you were told it was wrong. Do you not realize the potential for harm it could cause the girl in question? If she went out and partied this weekend or did something to harm an unborn child because of your answer, how would you feel about it? I would rather be acused of being harsh, and err on the side of caution to protect the child.

Cheeb said : A school full of ignorant people? great~
Aren’t you going to scold her too?

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excuse me for trying to help. can we just please drop it now? i don’t want to get into a bigger argument. i would never try to harm someone. ever!

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Im j/k scamp, you know I lurve you =P

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I lurve you too cheeb! I just didn’t want to be the only one under fire here, ha ha!

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