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Whats the best indoor grow lights for hydroponics?

Asked by beoskunk (1points) July 27th, 2008

im new at this hydroponics thing i got a lot of info from a lot of people but thats the problem i just need the best one thanks

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What do you plan to grow with said hydroponics? An herb?

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I work at a hydro store in Berkeley… There is one light system that spins on a moter and you put different bulbs in it so your plants don’t get hot spots…

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Here is information from indoor gardening guide

“Garden grow lights are the key to a great indoor garden. Choosing a hydroponic light is the single-most important (and expensive) decision you will face when setting up your growspace.

There are three main types of hydroponic grow lights: Incandescent, fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge (HID). Incandescent lights are generally a poor choice for garden grow lights due to their inefficiency and limited light spectrum. HID grow lights are more efficient and produce more light (up to 10x more lumens/watt than an incandescent light), but also produce more heat, are more expensive, and will require the additional maintenance and expense of a ballast. You should be aware that HID hydroponic grow lights will be slow to warm up to their full strength. It can take up to 100 hours of burning before the light intensity and color will stabilize.

You can also use natural sunlight to grow indoors and skip the expense of purchasing garden grow lights. This can be done with a greenhouse, solar room, or even a large window that gets plenty of sunlight. You can also do the reverse of this and grow outdoors hydroponically. Hydroponics only means that the growing system is soilless, not necessarily that it is an indoor setup.

A general rule for your garden’s required lighting is that 1000W will adequately penetrate about 16–25 square feet of plant area. To make your indoor gardening system more efficient, you should consider using a reflector and/or light mover. Also, don’t forget that many types of hydroponic grow lighting require a ballast to ignite the bulb.”

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The best one is the one you don’t talk about in a public place where the Feds can track your IP.

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@PupnTaco Great to see you posting!

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@marinelife pssssssst that post of pupntacos is from july 27th 2008 :P
unless of course he posted sometihng that was modded as spam too

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@alvinray ive used LEDs for fish tanks and such but wouldn’t they be not as good for plant growing? i mean I know they can get a far better spectrum but the lack of heat they put off wouldn’t that be a drawl back over say a halide bulb or something?

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