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Do you like to imagine person from his voice?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) March 23rd, 2016

When you are having conversation with someone over phone you haven’t met before do you try to imagine how he / she might look like?

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I had a job where I worked in Illinois but interacted mostly by phone with people 2,000 miles away at headquarters in Los Angeles.

My first trip out there was really fun, as I compared my mental images with the actual people. I don’t think any of them were close to what I imagined.

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Yeah..that’s the fun part.. when you get to meet that person face to face and know how they look in reality and what you had imagined.

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Am I right in thinking it was a disappointment when you met them face to face?

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I listen to NPR a lot in the car and I have all the ‘personalities’ vaguely pictured in my head.
Occasionally I see what one of them actually looks like, and it rarely meets my mental image.

I try not to look because I don’t want to be distracted from the story by trying to picture a specific person doing a specific piece.

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I just looked and Audie Cornish is much more interesting than I pictured!

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I don’t consciously try to picture people from their voices, it just naturally happens. I remember on one occasion meeting a woman I had spoken to many, many times on the telephone but never met previously. The first thing I said to her was “You don’t look like that!” We both laughed, she knew exactly where I was coming from.

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I just looked up David Brooks and he looks just like he sounds.

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@adagio – did she look hot than you imagined..))

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@bassstorm188 – I won’t say disappointment but yes in most cases it doesn’t match the way you thought of the person to be.Yeah and it’s not a conscious effort but happens naturally most of the time.

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@imrainmaker I wasn’t thinking in terms of “hotness”, probably because I am female and heterosexual. She just didn’t look like she sounded. Nice person though.

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Ohh…my bad..thought you’re man looking at your profile pic..

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