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Do you believe the American government is hiding alien life and technology in Area 51?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5489points) March 24th, 2016
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Not since I escaped.

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No. Alcohol makes such a large scale cover-up impossible.

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Nope. The military and the government can’t agree on basic stuff never mind keeping something like that secret.

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Area 51…bazillions of questions…bored

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I waver on this.

On the one hand, I think there is ET stuff that they aren’t telling us. On the other hand, if there are secrets, they have been closely held for decades and never a solid piece of evidence. I think that if there were pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial life, they would have come to light ages ago, because there are just too many people that would have had to keep the secrets for so long.

So – I have no real idea.

The thing is, if there is such evidence and it were released, would anyone believe it? We’ve seen so many movies, would anything be taken as fact?

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Look at how long it took Snowden to access top secret American government information and publish it.

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No. Ridiculous.

Whether or not you believe here is a wonderful 17 minute short film called The Landing. Definitely worth the watch.

It has won all kinds of awards. (And IMO deserves it!) From the site:
“A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960. | |

See our VFX featurette:

WINNER – Best Short Film – 46th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (2015 Academy Awards® Qualifying Win)
WINNER – Best Foreign Film – 18th LA Shorts Fest (2015 Academy Awards® Qualifying Win)
WINNER – Best International Short – 38th Cleveland International Film Festival
WINNER – Youth Jury Award, Best Short – Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2014
WINNER – Best Short, Screamfest® Horror Film Festival, 2014
WINNER – Jury Award, Narrative Short – Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2014
WINNER – Octopus d’Or, Best International Short, Strasbourg International Fantastic Festival, 2014
WINNER – Short Film Category – Fade In Awards, 2015
WINNER – Prix du Public, Courts des Iles Festival, 2015
WINNER – Best Real Image Short Film, FANCINE, XXIV Fantastic Film Festival of Málaga
WINNER – Best International Live-Action Short – 10th Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival
WINNER – Best Of Fest & Best Sci-Fi Short – FilmQuest Festival 2014
WINNER – Best Narrative Short (50 minutes or less) 2013 IPAF ATOM Awards
WINNER – Honorable Mention, Narrative Short, Fargo Film Festival, 2015
WINNER – Best Director, Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, 2014
WINNER – Golden Tripod for Best Cinematography in Short Film, 2014 National ACS Awards
NOMINATED – Best Direction in Short Film, 2014 Australian Directors Guild Awards
NOMINATED – Best Editing in a Short Film, 2014 Australian Screen Editors Awards
NOMINATED – Best Production Design, Original Score, Sound and VFX, 2014 St Kilda Film Festival


Warsaw Film Festival, 2013
20th Austin Film Festival, 2013
Foyle Film Festival, 2013
Brisbane International Film Festival, 2013
Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, 2014
Byron Bay International Film Festival, 2014
Omaha Film Festival, 2014
Sarasota Film Festival, 2014
Imagine: Amsterdam International Fantastic Film Festival, 2014
Arizona International Film Festival, 2014
SCI-FI LONDON Film Festival, 2014
Newport Beach Film Festival, 2014
St Kilda Film Festival, 2014
Huesca International Film Festival, 2014
Festrioa International Film Festival, 2014
Revelation Perth International Film Festival, 2014
Fantasia Film Festival, 2014
Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2014
Hollyshorts Film Festival, 2014
Cambridge Film Festival 2014
MOTELx – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, 2014
Shnit International Shortfilmfestival, 2014 ”

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No. President Clinton couldn’t keep a blowjob secret; I don’t think the government could keep something as huge as alien life under wraps for all these years.

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Great film. Thanks!

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@SecondHandStoke @Espiritus_Corvus I’m glad you liked it. It is so well done. I didn’t know what to expect.
I hope others watch it.

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Yes, because Megadeth did a song about it and I know Dave Mustaine wouldn’t just write some bullshit.

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If they’re hiding alien life anywhere, it’s in the White House.

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No, and I have to admit to having a bit of an ‘in’ on the subject. I have connections in New Mexico and have bent the ear on someone who used to work for the feds in the area. Lets just say that science looks like aliens and magic for those who don’t know what is going on.

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No, they cleverly moved it all to Area 151 shortly before Raiders of the Lost Ark came out. Now Area 51 is just a honey pot to catch unimaginative sleuths.

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No, but I believe that one can make a living convincing other people that there is.

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The truth is out there people…

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I just saw an old episode of The Tonight Show which aired in the late 70’s. Carl Sagan was on. The topic of UFO sightings and the possibility of intelligent life out there was discussed. Johnny said he didn’t want any visitors from other worlds to come here, because he was afraid they’d make us their pets.
I can’t picture that.

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@Here2_4 – I would argue that we are already the willing pets of the various intelligence agencies and the military-industrial complex.

Any smart alien civilization would look at earth and the 6 billion schnooks living here and say “jeez, we have no interest in ruling them”.

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No but, I was driving through that area on a road trip a few years ago and did notice a lot of men in black, traveling in little government issue cars on that lonely Nevada highway. State route 375, also known as ” The Extraterrestrial Highway”. Who knows.

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Why not? You incarcerate even your closest relatives in zoos.

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I think this question is the wrong approach. This is one of those issues up there with the existence of God. A more useful speculation on the subject arises with the question: lf credible evidence of E T is out there, would our government go to great lengths to confiscate, conceal and suppress it? And the answer of course is: YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS ON IT!

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It seems very odd to me that the same people who complain how incompetent the federal government, and how it should never be given the ability to run anything, gives it such credit to be holding such information so well hidden and secret for so long. Its a hoax, people. The area was a research center (parts still are) for the DoD. The mysterious metal fabric was mylar. It was developed by DuPont for the DoD in the mid 50’s.

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@cazzie – the answer is that conspiracy nuts pay no heed to logic.

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In the late 1890’s, there was a rash of UFO sightings all over the Midwest U.S. There were two different types of UFOs described, cigar-shaped and disks. Over Kansas many people witnessed what looked like a prolonged air battle lasting days in the skies above them. On 17 April, 1897, just outside the small, isolated village of Aurora, Texas, one of these vehicles crashed to earth. The occupants of the vehicle took the town and inseminated all the females of appropriate age. The result of this invasion is today what we call Texas politics. And it has been going national since the 1940’s.

Outside Sarasota, Florida on Hwy 72 just east of the Mayaka River State Park, on the south side of the road, is a a gravel drive leading off the highway. Above the heavily padlocked gate is an arch proclaiming the land “The Grassy Knoll.” On this apparent cattle ranch is a man, a former Texan and CIA operative who knows all about this. If you can get to him without him shooting you first, he has a lot to say about alien hybrids in our national government starting with Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose mother was living in Aurora in April, 1897. She was sixteen years old at the time. Now think Ted Cruz.

OK. Seriously. I think Area 51 has been used as a necessarily top secret military testing ground in response to the Soviet tech developments since WWII. The crazy shit people have seen at night are the results of our tech in weaponry development, from the SR 71 Blackbird bomber, through the later stealth technology, up to whatever the geeks have come up with at this very moment. The government, through eminent domain, has been grabbing land in the area around 51 for years, broadening the buffer zone, in order to keep people from peeking in with the latest advances in citizen-available tech.

One aspect that people aren’t aware of is that the government’s denial of the very existence of Area 51 may have even more practical purpose than even keeping weapons development under wraps. Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley claims that there is no way to monitor whether the government isn’t abusing labor and environmental laws and regulations and has repeatedly sued them for full disclosure.

So, there are many reasons why a government might want to keep 51 secret, there are many exigencies at work. And, Area 51 isn’t the only site of it’s kind in the States or in the world. I’m more concerned about Plumb Island just of the northeast shore of Long Island, smack dab in the largest, most high-density population in the U.S. Plumb Island is where we do our biological warfare and anti-biological warfare research. Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to put this place next to NYC between Boston, Philadelphia and the DC corridor? Military intelligence, my ass.

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Ha ha. You had me going. I was ready to write you off as having gone around the bend.

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Nyet, there is nothing to hide. Interstellar travel is just not feasible, so no ETs have ever been to Earth, and none will ever be here.

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