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Is this crush or relationship worth pursuing?

Asked by Souljacker (70points) March 24th, 2016

The situation spells out like this: She’s a girl in school I have liked for a year, known her for 6 months, and been talking to her on and off, mostly on Facebook because we don’t have much time other than that. The conversations used to be pretty great, but now they are dying down. She’s getting busier. Every time I do talk to her in person or otherwise, she seems interested, she puts her lip gloss on every time we meet, she holds eye contact. On chat she is also friendly, but doesn’t initiate as much as I do. We still have fun though. She’s busy because she is preparing to leave for college. Her last day of school is in 3 weeks and then she has exams. Honestly I imagine us to be in the perpetual grey zone.

And no I haven’t asked her out, for the life of me I can’t think why. So the question is, should I continue with my interest for her? Should I ask her out (I know this one, yes)? But would it be detrimental on her part? Would she reciprocate? As much as I think she likes me, I would say I like her more than she does me.

What do I do? Critics and romantics on Fluther, help me.

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She’s leaving for college so there’s not much point but why not ask her out for the experience and the potential fun of a date?

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Even in this era a lot of girls still wait for the guy to ask them out. Go for it, if nothing else you can confess you like her and she might feel the same. If there is a spark and interest just because she is leaving for college doesn’t mean you can’t give it a whirl now. You never know what might happen of you don’t try.

Where is “leaving for college”? 50 miles, 500 or 3 thousand? If college is within a couple hour drive you can still get together as you both are able.
If nothing else I think you owe it to yourself to take a leap of faith and see what unfolds. If something comes of it great, if not, you tried and you won’t be consumed with wondering “what if?” Always better to know than wonder. right? Ask her out, just do it kiddo!

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“is this crush or relationship worth pursuing?”...well it must have been otherwise you would not had corresponded, made friends with her for over a year and a half?
Wish her good luck in Colloege and ask her out for a farewell dinner and maybe you two will correspond while she is in College and after connect?
It takes tme to pursue the wothwhile things in life. No neeed to rush..take your time but let her know that you admire her etc
She may not want to commit to someone at this point..she is still discovering her potentials.

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Things are so very uncertain at your age. People move, people change their minds, people change friends, I could go on a real long time. College could fall through or be changed. You just never know. You could get involved with a girl you think will be around forever, and then her father gets transferred to another city.
Go out with her. Don’t think about making a long term relationship with her. If that happens, super, but if it doesn’t, then you and she have some fun together.
There will be people who pass through your life and never come back. Don’t make that a reason to not pursue a friendship. If you do, you will miss out on so much.

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I’m starting to see things a bit more clearly now, thank you for the responses. There is something however I want to cover. In person I dont see her that much but when I do she smiles, she is somewhat interested, although our conversations are in a group so that may be a false positive. Anywho, during text she is tending to be sort of cold with short responses. Latest thing that happened is that I’ve texted her asking when should I call her, but she just replied why? so I turned it into a joke, I didn’t know what else to do, and didn’t ask her out or tell her that I appreciate her, altho at this point I think she knows. I know if I can call her, if I can spend some alone time with her, I’ll be able to see truly for myself if its worth getting to know her more and then pull the trigger so to speak and take her out. Because until now I believe it, but I can’t prove it.

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I’d say at this point either ask her out and know or give it up. You’re spending too much time looking at tea leaves. It sounds from where I sit that she probably is not interested in dating you but why not just find out?

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