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What's interesting in the following video, re. coffee assault and parking in handicap spot?

Asked by flo (12974points) March 24th, 2016

I mean interesting in any way. Is the licence clearly visible or not?
And whatever else you see or heard, i.e if you heard it was hot coffee or iced coffee or hot chocolate or whatever. And would she be charged with assault even if he doesn’t press charges in let’s say NY?

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There’s no link to a video.

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This is only news because it happened in Canada, where common decency lives up to its name.

Same thing happens every day around here.

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Is the licence clearly visible as the article says?

By the way she is not charged for either throwing coffee at him and illegal parking, she was just cautioned. Decency would dictate that she would be charged regalrdless if he pressed charges etc.

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The guy taking the video is acting beyond his capacity, pretending to be some kind of parking vigilante. The woman had no need to respond in any way, but then chose the worst ways to respond, several times. No one was hurt. What’s the big deal?

The offense is “parking in a handicap spot without a proper placard” (or however the charge may be read in Canada). It’s not up to private citizens to attempt to guess or interrogate people using those spots as to the nature and extent of their disability, or where their decal or placard is if it’s not showing. If she parked there without proper authorization then he could have made the complaint to the local authorities and they would gladly have done … pretty much exactly what they ended up doing.

While I lived with my uncle at the end of his life we often rode into town with me driving his (placarded) vehicle and parking in handicap spots so that he could have easier access to the places we were going. I know that on more than one occasion I got the old side-eye after people saw me easily navigating the vehicle and then getting out and walking with no trouble at all to the other side to let him out and help him with his cane and take his arm. Fortunately, I never had to deal with this kind of nonsense – but I also never park in handicap spots without a passenger who needs that.

He was an idiot to press the issue and a bigger idiot for filming and then posting publicly. She was an idiot to respond to him at all, and then to escalate and worsen the confrontation. Fortunately no one was injured, either by hot coffee or by her doing something rash with the vehicle.

People gotta learn to relax a bit.

I’m sure that the registration number was clearly visible in his initial post, unless he went to the trouble to blur it. Since he’s an idiot, I doubt that he did that on his own post.

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Yes. The plate is clearly visible. The numbers and letters appear to have been blurred. I agree that he was acting beyond his capacity. He could have just filmed and filed a complaint. I know someone who tries to block people while driving to prevent them from going faster than she thinks they should. This “impose my will on you” mentality irritates me. Mind your own fucking business, is what I tell her. Maybe that’s why the guy in this video irritated me….

PS, I know it isn’t the legal definition, but this is what I picture when I hear the term; “aggravated assault”. As in; you aggravate me until I finally assault you! ;-)

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@Jak your aggravated assault sound like my ‘chain of command’. Lol

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