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What do you think of recent episode of nude pics of Mrs Trump[nsfw]?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) March 25th, 2016

What are your thoughts on it? Do you think US Presidential election has reached new low due to this episode?

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I don’t know what photos you’re talking about, but I also could not give a shit less about nudity. So so so many more important things to worry. I don’t care if the President is a so-called family man that married his high school sweetheart and has never smoked pot—it’s a weird façade that the overwhelming majority of us do not meet.

The “new low,” IMO, is that a hate-spewing non-politician is a frontrunner for the highest political office.

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My first impression is that she wasn’t that great looking when those were taken. Yes, she was a model, but not all models are equally lovely.

But you’re concentrating on the wrong thing. I could care less about whether Ms. Trump posed nude or not. BFD.

The disgusting part of this whole episode is Trump belittling Mrs. Cruz and her psych issues 10 years ago. I am certainly no Cruz supporter, but Trump went way beyond civil behavior when he picked on Cruz’s wife.

Look, just when you think that the Republicans have reached new depths of awfulness, they pull this shit.

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This seems to be a contest as to who can be the bigger sleazeball. Pointing out that Trump’s wife in her work as a model took semi-nude photos is pretty disgusting, but actually gave Trump the chance to take the high road. He could have said that he was proud that his wife was a successful model and able to get her pictures in magazines. He could have mentioned what a pathetic cheap shot this was by Cruz supporters.

There are no high roads on Trump’s map of the world. He is so thin skinned that he feels he has to one up his opponents in sleaze. It is hard to keep track of low points when it comes to Trump, but his supporters just accept whatever he says. If he gets the nomination, I cringe to think what crap he will be throwing at his Democratic opponent.

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~ Pics please.~

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It’s not recent’s about time when she was a model and had nude / semi-nude photo session for GQ can easily Google it if wanna have a look..))

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By episode I meant from both sides…Trump’s response to this was equally awful.. targeting Cruz’s wife in it. It’s hard to believe they are representing the same party..))

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The whole wife thing reminds me of 10 year olds on the playground insulting each others’ moms.

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