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How safe would you feel in a Mini-Cooper convertible (or other small convertible)

Asked by janbb (57217points) March 25th, 2016

And how safe would you actually be?

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Safe from what? Mini’s are a very agile and maneuverable vehicle.

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@Tropical_Willie In a car accident.

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LOVE mini coopers! I would feel safe in one. I had a convertible MGB back when I was 20 and had the best time driving it. I even drove from WV to Oklahoma by myself and had no problems. A few truck drivers honked and waved.
And the community you live in would be the best place to have a small car. You can zip around the community.

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Not. But I am 6’4” tall and I couldn’t get my knees in there, so it really doesn’t matter.

As an observer, I would say that they look like aluminum cans and that they would crumple the first time anything touched the car.

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I love the Mini Coopers and think they are fairly safe, now a Smart car, hell no! I drove a Smart car a few years ago, it was just bizarre, you feel like Fred Flintstone. lol
Almost any smaller car is going to take a big hit if nailed by a much larger vehicles like a truck, but all you can do is be careful, like driving any model.

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I owned a Miata for a few years and it definitely feels a little vulnerable. Some cities have a lot of large vehicles on the road, which makes it worse. Now, that cars have more cameras and warnings, I think it’s not as bad as when I owned one. Meaning the SUV’s have cameras and warnings. I am more wary when I’m in a low to ground car. I think more about staying out of the blind spot of other cars, and that I might not be seen immediately behind a car if I’m perpendicular.

When I drive my Porsche, which is only slightly larger, I hardly think about it. The small increase in size makes a big difference to me.

The Mini also feels just that little bit bigger that I wouldn’t be as concerned.

Edit: I would buy another Miata, even with it being on the small side.

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I did a search for you. This is a safety report for the Mini Cooper from the UK. It says it applies to all classes of Mini Cooper. You could perhaps use this site to compare other makes and models, to get a better idea of how this vehicle stacks up. Given a convertible has no roof, that automatically compromises your safety.

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My BIL rolled his Cooper several times on a highway in Seattle and walked away with minor scrapes. He still drives a Cooper. He feels safe in them.

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I wouldn’t feel less safe in the cabriolet version.

However, I would feel frustration that the agile, competition proven, BMW engineered and built car was hampered by the reduction in rigidity and increase in mass caused by cutting the roof off.

A capable performer has been reduced to a car for poncy, pink purse carrying, spray tanned, chihuahua doting, student daughters.

When you say “safe” I assume you mean crashworthyness.

I don’t think it’s safe to be seen in.

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From what I understand the little cars have outstanding safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The ratings are for the hardtop coupe, and the Mini got top ratings in every category. I suppose if you must have the convertible, you might consider a rollbar.

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^Comes with double hoop rollbar standard.

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