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What is the issue with sharing your toothbrush with your significant other?

Asked by johnpowell (17849points) March 25th, 2016

Your tongue is already up in their mouth and if you are doing things right your mouth is all over their pee-hole.

Why the big deal about sharing a toothbrush?

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Not really a big issue other than that they’re unaccustomed to share a tooth brush. Some people could also favor different/specific type of toothbrush and tooth paste (like picky individuals and those with specific tooth condition such as wired-tooth), and asking them to do differently will upset them.

Just because I can get my mouth real dirty below him doesn’t mean I’ll share the same spoon, plate, or even my food with him.

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Why share? Toothbrushes are cheap! My dentist gives them to me for free. I haven’t bought a toothbrush in ages.

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If we went somewhere and I’d forgotten mine, I’d share with my husband until we could get to a shop. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time and there’s no reason to either.

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Well, mostly my husband gets really hard toothbrushes that feel like you’re brushing with sandpaper. So I wouldn’t use his.

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I thought the sharing a toothbrush with your boyfriend/girlfriend was supposed to be cute but sharing with a friend is icky. There is good reason not to share mouth bacteria with just anyone – bad mouth bacteria is a source of infection that can cause heart disease.

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I never liked doing it. Signifcant other or not, I just never saw the point of swapping significant other germs so unnecessarily. Toothbrushes are pretty cheap

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Personal hygiene is an individual responsibility. Just because you contact someone else’s germs on occasion doesn’t mean you intend to share them.

Germs are also known to be the cause of body odor and I prefer not to share underwear – including T-shirts and socks – except on an emergency basis. Like with my toothbrush.
I’m particular about my things…why bring on the hassle of sharing something that I know is just going to cause friction in the future?

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I don’t have a SO but not only because toothbrushes are cheap, even if they were expensive, it just seems gross. I’d rather wait until I found a store if I had to. I know that partners share bodily fluids but toothbrush just seems so personal.

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