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Do you have a recurring dream?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) July 27th, 2008

I keep having this dream where I am running a foster home and helping kids get started with their lives. In another dream, I am fixing world poverty.

These used to be a once in a while occurrences but lately have become more vivid and detailed. For example, in one version, there were kids from all over the world—this somehow helped them be tolerant of other cultures as an adult. In another one, each kid in the foster home gets an allowance and this helped them learn how to manage a budget.

Is this me grasping for relevance? Is it some kind of an exercise in self-importance? Is it supposed to be a “calling?” When I think about it while awake, I end up concluding that I couldn’t do it based on the logistics. But, in a couple of weeks, its back.

What do you make of it? Do you have any persistent or recurring dreams like these?

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I’ve never had one specific dream multiple times, but I do have dreams that I am about to get murdered at least twice a week. This has happened since I was about 3 years old. I thought it was normal until fairly recently, when I realized that not everyone has biweekly dreams during which they are fearing for their lives. I’m not sure what it “means,” but for me it means that I am terrified to sleep in bed alone.

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I do have a recurring dream, though it’s nothing like this. Mine doesn’t seem to have any meaning at all.

However, in your case, to start off, you’re probably not actually telling yourself to run a foster home…this probably stands for something. The lessons, however, such as managing a budget and being tolerant of other cultures, could be your brain telling you that you need to learn these things yourself, or perhaps someone else in your life needs to.

I don’t really know a lot about this subject, but this is my best guess.

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after I was robbed at gunpoint at work I have robbery dreams… It’s not fun

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@Sarbee: Yikes! I am sorry to hear that. Once I thought I was about to be robbed at gunpoint and that was bad enough—to actually go through it must be horrible. I guess all I can do to help is give you some Lurve (already done).

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Yes. For years, I’ve had various versions of the same dream: I’m late for class or exam in 10th grade. At this stage, I’m 16 years late.
It tends to happen when I’m stressed or struggling to keep up/stay on top of things.

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It seems to me that your subconscious is telling you that you want a different kind of work. Why not give it a try? You don’t have to start fixing the world’s problems just take one or two steps and see what happens.

kevbo's avatar has been referred to frequently for Fluther questions about what dreams mean, if you’re interested.

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I don’t have reoccurring dreams, I have reoccurring places in my dreams, where very similar dreams occur. I have dreams that occur on some crazy school campus, there is a house that is an amalgam of my childhood homes, even a strange water world place—I’ve been dreaming of that since I was a kid. Sometimes, while I’m dreaming I’ll become “aware” and say to myself, you’ve dreamed this before, and then the dream will change. Cool stuff.

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i have a recurring dream that i’m going to jail or being pursued by some authorities

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As a kid, I had a recurring nightmare for almost a year. As an adult, I too have a college stress dream – it’s time for finals and I haven’t been to class all semester and I can’t remeber where the room is.

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I used to, but not anymore. I was told that you have like 100 dreams every night (though you might not see them) so it is possible for them to reoccur.

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When I was very young, I used to have a recurring dream that I was stuck in a dark maze with something like a panther chasing after me. All I could see of it was glowing yellow eyes, but it felt like a big black cat to me so that’s probably what it would have been if I ever got to see it in the light. In the dream, I could always hear my Nan (my mother’s mom) calling to me from safety but I could never get to her. I had the dream at least weekly for as long as I can remember, until Nan died when I was nine years old, and then I started having it three or more times a week. I still have it every once in a while (I’m 24 now) but only a couple of times a year.

I also have a few more frequently recurring nightmares. A few years ago I was a volunteer firefighter and my first burned body was also my last; I could deal with car accidents and things like that without the crushed and mangled bodies bothering me, but crispy people are apparently just not something I can handle. I still have nightmares about that a lot.

I have other recurring fire-related dreams where I can see and hear that people I care about are stuck in a burning building but for some reason I can’t get to them and I also can’t get outside help so all I can do is stand there and watch them burn.

I’ve also got one that’s kind of post-apocalyptic, where there’s been some kind of extinction-level event. All the survivors try to group together and find a safe place. Then a couple of people (sometimes people I know, sometimes random faces I don’t recognize) and I leave the safe place to go find food or something. When we get back, all the people we’d left in the “safe” place are dead. Either rotting with chunks of skin falling off or stiff and brittle like all their fluids have been drained, like they’ve all been dead for weeks instead of hours. Most of the time before I wake up, my dream-self gets curious and touches one of the rotting bodies (usually my dad) and it goes to mush and sloshes all over my feet which causes me to freak out in the dream and wake up screaming for real.

Somewhat related, since this also makes me wake up screaming and happens fairly often, I also have night terrors. I can never remember what actually happened in those, though, or even if there was a dream at all. I just know something scared the bejeezus out of me.

I once heard that the average person has one nightmare per month. I count myself lucky if I only have one per night. Urgh.

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Well, very rarely would I have recurring dreams, if I did it was maybe a few times I would have the same dream. However, we all have had dreams that are really vivid and stick in our minds for a long time. I am not an expert on this stuff, but when ever this sort of thing happened to mean it usually meant I had something important on my mind or going on in my life. For example I had a girl friend for about 4 years, then we broke up and for about 6 months every couple weeks I would have a really vivid dream about her, not about anything in particular, but she would just be in it.
So I guess my point is, maybe its not some great calling to change the world or something, but maybe you need to change something in “your” world. Seems like something is definitely on your mind at least…

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@Sarbee, I’m sorry that had to happen to you.

I have no idea what yours can mean, but at least it’s a pleasent dream compared to mine!:

I had a recurring dream that lasted about a month and it was terrifying for me! The first dream was about my whole family and I just enjoying eachothers company in my living room. All of a sudden the happiness dissapeared and this scary figure took one of my family members. All we heard was screaming and then the dream ended. Every day/dream the scary figure took a family member and the same thing happened every night until it was just me, all alone. Then the dreams just ended, and since then I haven’t really had many dreams like that and no more recurring dreams. I always just thought my dream meant I was afraid to lose the people that were close to me? But I never let myself get too worried over them.

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I fly (at least) once a week since I was in highschool, is my favorite dream (and I’m thankful is a recurring dream)

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I was running down a long, dark corridor being chased by an unknown figure. I’d reach the end and of course, the door is locked. I get a great feeling of anxiety and fear, and just as the figure closes in on me I wake up.

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