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Should I buy I phone 5s today?

Asked by Shivam84 (1points) March 27th, 2016

Is I Phone 5s 32gb worth buying today, considering it fulfills my purpose? Does it work and will work properly in latest & upcoming ios?

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I’d wait and get the iPhone SE. It will a bit cost more but will definitely work better with future iOS releases

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As long as it still has a headphone port, and you only use it at face value sure, they are great phones, but that’s about it, if you want to do any in depth customization, or anything that isn’t really just end user consumption of stuff from the app store, android is the way to go.

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The iPhone 5s will most likely work with the next version of iOS. It will be mostly likely be the 4th generation iPhone that will be losing out. However I would wait until the SE is released. Its has a much faster processor and you’ll get a longer use out of it.

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Sure, why not and if you’re not satisfied with you you can always return it for a different phone.

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The SE is coming out this week. Why not buy that unless you want a cheaper phone?

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