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Easter thoughts, memories or wishes for fellow Jellies?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) March 27th, 2016

Renewal. Redemption. Reflection.

I think Easter has always suited me best as a holiday.
When I was a kid it was an exciting, but subdued celebration. Everyone cleaned up and on best behavior, anticipating a good meal and fun with the kids. Although I’m not religious, I love the hymns and the celebration of the Spring Redemption. The Spring in everyone’s step.

Fluther specific, I can’t help but think of Gail. The purity of the glistening snow finally giving way budding rebirth of the flowers, the birds and the bees. No more worries about getting out of the lane!

Remember the theme of the season: rebirth.
It’s not a time for maudlin, but a time for the celebration of life. Lives well lived, and lives just beginning.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter to you too, @ibstubro. I asked a similar q about a half hour ago.

I am hoping to make the apple cake later.

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This is an island with strong Catholic traditions subtly influenced by a deep, underlying African slave culture. The church bells in this district have been tolling off and on since 3pm Friday, when Jesus is said to have died after his prolonged torture and crucifixion. That was a sad, mournful tolling, like something from an old Dracula movie or Dark Shadows avsnitt. Appropriately, a dark, violent squall rolled in for effect, and by 4pm the skies were clear again. The hard part was over.

This morning, the bells are bright with the hope of Spring, the resurrection of everything. There is rain on the north end of the island, but the weather seems to be holding long enough on this end for the kids to have their Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter everybody.

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Happy Easter! The Earth is reborn!

I’m feeling like a renewal is in the air. I’ve decided to go to the Unitarian Universalist Church this morning. I moved last year and left an established theatre community behind. I need a new community here, so I’m going to try a church. It’s worth a shot.

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Spring here in Florida looks much like Winter did and like Summer will, but I dreamt last night of walking through the woods as the snows were melting and the first leaf buds were opening on the trees overhead.

It was a lovely dream.

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My flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and this is the time of year that reminds me of @gailcalled. A lot of the jellies that are missing from among us have been on my mind lately.

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Memories of painting Easter eggs and rolling them on the grass many years ago. Happy days but the spring buds are no less green today.

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Easter marks the time of year when I can wear white shoes.

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I have nothing more to add than wishing all of you a good Easter, with a lot of happiness with your families.

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As a little girl my mom always had us dye eggs, and my grandpa always gave us chocolate bunnies. The town I lived in held an Easter Egg hunt in the park, and all the kids in the community were there. I have very fond memories of it. After the hunt there were watermelon eating contests and we would all play in the playground.

The one odd thing about it was that we participated in dying eggs at home and chocolate bunnies. We never had a Christmas tree or Christmas cookies in our house. Except for the occasional Santa or snowman iced cookie bought in the store. I once asked my mom about the inconsistency, and she said the eggs were for spring and new life. I think it probably had to do with that side of my family being artists also. Even though I still find it inconsistent, I think I would do the same if I had children.

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Well, my mom always had what we, in the family, called a “conniption fit” on Easter. Well, she had them at other times during the year, too, but you could just about bet that she’d for sure have one on Easter. She’d go into melt down, screaming like a lunatic. One memorable Easter we were around the breakfast table and she threw a jar of strawberry jelly hard enough that it hit the ceiling and broke. It was a mess.

I never really made the connection, until I was older, between the melt downs on Easter and the fact she was raised Catholic. I think it had something to do with the feeling that God had failed her somehow. Not sure how, honestly, but there you have it.

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I’m having chocolate for breakfast.

It must be a weekend.

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Did you bite the head off first?

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Indeed, a time of rebirth. Spring has sprung here in all it’s glory. I have 2 finches building nests at opposite ends of the porch, the grass is 2 feet tall and the hens are blazing trails through it gleaning all sorts of delectable bugs and hopefully a lot of ticks too.
It is Gopher season too and my cat Myles is in kitty heaven, sitting in the grass waiting to pounce on the fat little rodents with glee. Marwyn my goose is hoserbating in his pool, sex addict that he is.

About every 15 minutes you hear him screeching and falling over in his pool in orgasmic bliss. The sexy hose is all that’s on his mind. lol
The horses are gorging on pasture grass, the sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you….dear fluther friends. :-)

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May your “eggs” be big, and full of “sweet, creamy goodness”.

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