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Do you have a celebrity crush?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 27th, 2016

If so, who is it? I’ve always had a thing for Brad Pitt and James Franco.

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Val Kilmer has always had my vote, he is exactly my age, literally, within 4 days haha that he sold his 6.000 acre ranch in New Mexico the appeal has faded, he has also turned into a tub of lard in his middle age, lol Still, he has that great smile.

One of my favorite clips of Val playing Doc Holliday in “Tombstone.”

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Anna Kendrick is smart, talented, a great singer, a great actress and quite simply, adorable.

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John Cusack is lovely. Saying that, I followed him on Twitter and he just posts some random statements that I don’t understand. A man of principle probably.

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I’ve been in love with Louise Brooks since I first saw her on screen around 1976. She was about 26 when she made the film, but about 70 in 1976. I wrote her a letter to tell her how much I enjoyed her work and her adventurous life. She wrote back and told me to get all the fun and experience I could when I was young, because old age wasn’t for amateurs. I was in love with her eyes. And the fact that she was one of the wildest people in 1920’s Hollywood. It was too tame for her, so she went to do films in Berlin, which at the time made Paris look like Sunday school. Quite a lady and way too self assertive for most men at the time. She scared the shit out of guys like L.B. Mayer.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Wow, she was quite stunning and way ahead of her time. I’ll have to look up a few of her old films.

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@Coloma Truly a forgotten beauty and an amazing woman, an amazing survivor.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Yes, I read about her sexual abuse at age 9,and her heavy drinking starting at age 14 poor thing!

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@Coloma All of it, every bit of it, is in her eyes.

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Mark Twain. I think he’d be a blast!

@Espiritus_Corvus what a lovely, strong woman. She has pretty breasts, too.

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@Coloma No no…Val Kilmer was hottest in Willow!

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I have a list. It doesn’t make much sense because I don’t pay much attention to pop culture, so I see films and hear music 15–20 or more years after the fact. That and everything was just better in the 70s and 80s. Some examples:

When I was in high school I fell hard for Kevin Bacon while watching Flatliners. I still go out of my way to watch anything he shows up in.

My Bacon number is four.

If I ever stumble headlong into a TARDIS, I have my husband’s permission to go back in time and marry Ian Gillan, the lead singer of Deep Purple.

Olivia Wilde is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Not in the least because she is fucking brilliant.

Also, I totally have the hots for Peter Dinklage. Dude has the personality of six guys twice his size.

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George Clooney

Johnny Depp

Martin Freeman

Jeremy Irons

The younger Tom Courtenay

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Robert Redford anyone? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

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@Dutchess_III Yes, he was under consideration as well.

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Female: Eva Green, Emma Stone, Cate Blanchette, Keira Knightly, Jessica Chastain, Juliette Binoche

Male: Mark Ruffalo, Colin Farrell, Bobby Cannavale (especially in the new TV series, “Vinyl”)

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Oh – i missed Colin Firth! (And I do miss him.)

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Is Cruiser a celebrity? I have a crush on him…Also, Addy…

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Ooh..I forgot my original crush from years ago. A. Martinez. Started out playing “Cimmaron” in the John Wayne flick ” The Cowboys” and went on to daytime TV. He was so hot! haha

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Well, then there was…Davy Jones, Micheal Jackson, Sajid Kahn and Donny Osmond. Oh, David Cassidy.

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@Coloma Was that the Indian kid? About 16 or 17, I think?

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@Dutchess_III Yes, and then he played ” Ctuz Castillo
on the soap ‘Santa Barbara” in the early 90’s.

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When I was 13–14 I had a thing for Jerry Orbach (law and order detective). I built a shrine for him in my room when he died.

I was a weird kid.

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Oh, I fell in love with him too, @Coloma. Such a hottie. So strong and brave.

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Here’s the list…hollywood beauties in random order..
Catherine Zeta Jones
Julia Roberts
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Annistone
Kate Blanchette

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I forgot James Spader.

I fucking LOVE James Spader.

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And if you’re thinking about my many posts involving Natalie Portman that’s not a crush, that’s true love.

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Mellisa Joan Heart . Gabrielle from Xena warrior princess. Kelly bundy. Jennifer Aniston. The first pink power ranger. Jadzia Dax. Hillary Clinton.

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Adam Levine
George Clooney
Steve Jobs

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I forgot Isabella Rossellini. I adore her.

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@Seek Your Kevin Bacon number is two, because you know me. My Kevin Bacon number is one, as I am in the background of a movie filmed at my work.

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Doesn’t count. We’ve never met in person. But very cool for you!

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@zenvelo I was looking but I couldn’t find you. If I had bacon last week is my number number 2 now?

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@zenvelo, I agree about Kendrick. I loved her in “Up in the Air.” Everybody was terrific in it.

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Liam Neeson
James Spader
Robert Redford
Idris Elba
Denzel Washington
Paul Newman (do they have to be alive?)
Dave Grohl
Brad Pitt
Jon Hamm

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Clint Eastwood
Humpret Bogart
James Wood
Alain Delon
Jean Servais (The most recent and least well-known. I only saw him in one movie but that was enough)

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Eddie Vedder and Travis Fimmel

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I had forgotten about James Spader too. Such a crush on him. I dated someone just because they looked a little like him

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Tyler Joseph.

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Freddie Highmore. Leonardo Dicaprio. Denzel Washington.

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Samantha Bee

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Over the course of a lifetime, too many to list, starting with David Cassidy when I was about 3. Then onward to Shaun Cassidy, Scott Baio, Erik Estrada, then Brad Pitt and onward. The most recent guy was the guy from The Tudors. Now, if I find an actor or a singer to be good looking (and there are many), I’ll google to learn about him but that’s about it.

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@johnpowell – YES. Totally Samantha Bee.

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Samantha Bee was eating in a pizza place I was in in Geyserville, CA a few weeks ago.

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Rickie Lee Jones. Her music and her life. What fine woman. And Lady Gaga, for the same reasons.

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So, I have a thing for smart people talking about their smart people passions and voices. Richard Dawkins. There, I said it. My secret celebrity crush is out.

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@Seek Its ok, I won’t tell Lala Ward hehe

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“Val Kilmer was hottest in Willow!”

That’s probably why he’s known as “Duck Face” Kilmer. ;-p

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@Dutchess Nah..I like the cowboy type over the pretty boy type.
@Brian1946 Haha..well, duck face suits me just fine. lol

I also adore Kurt Russel and Sam Elliot. hell, I’d sleep with the entire cast of Tombstone including the pretty boy actor. lol
Liam Nissen is another sweet man.

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Lee Pace
Ziyi Zhang
Sandra Bullock
Gong Li
Rinko Kikuchi. IMO, she was the true hero in Pacific Rim.
Grace Kelly. She plays horns for the band on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer

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” Haha..well, duck face suits me just fine. lol”

Me too, and the whole body. ;-)

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