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How to get the smell of crawfish off my hands?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) March 27th, 2016 from iPhone

So, since its now a new day I can say yesterday. But yesterday and the day before I ate crawfish with my friends. For my friends dad cooked a lot of it. The thing is, the smell of crawfish is on my hands. Usually the smell goes away after a few washes with soap in the since. But the smell still lingers! Does anyone know how to get the smell off my hands?

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Try baking soda.

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Hmm good idea @2davidc8 I’ll see if we have some in the house. Thanks :)

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Squeeze some fresh lemon and rub the juice on your hands well.
“Scratch” the squeezed lemon rind/pulp with your finger nails.

Take a nice long shower, and wash your hair really well a couple of times – the hot water, soap and hair will clean under your nails well.

By all means, use @2davidc8‘s baking soda, too.

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Lemon juice.

Atlantic City is a movie that addresses this question.

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I’d use a touch of lemon juice. I have an ancient bottle of Realemon in the refrigerator that I use for “industrial” purposes such as this.

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Another vote for lemon juice. But just make sure that creepy Burt Lancaster isn’t stationed outside your window watching you :)

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Rub your hands on Stainless Steel, a sink, flatware, they even make a cake-shaped piece for this purpose. Just wash your hands using stainless steel as the soap.

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