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How to handle lingering smells?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) March 27th, 2016 from iPhone

Okay, getting a lot on smell questions. Reason being is because I have a sensitive nose and some smells irritate me or give me a headache.

The thing is, lately certain smells seem to linger in our apartment. I do spray air freshener but sometimes it doesn’t work. It usually coats it and that irritates me. But do you know anyways to get smells out the room and just have clean air? Or really breathable air?

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You’d have to identify the source of the smell, but activated carbon/charcoal is the best thing I know of for absorbing smells.

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Try leave the windows open for a while if you can. Sometimes you need to air the rooms.

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If smells give you a headache then spraying air freshener can’t be helping much. As you say it masks the smell so now you have two smells to cope with – double trouble! Good advice above – you could also try vacuuming your soft furnishings and damp dusting to pick up residue that smells

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Buy a negative ion generator. Those things work wonderfully at cleaning the air.

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Replace your carpet with hardwood or tile flooring. Replace your cloth couch with a leather or leather-look one, and wash your curtains regularly.

Textiles hold in scent particles.

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