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It seems to me that the author of the article is basically redefining unicorns to be the same thing as rhinos. Well I suppose they may have a point. We’ve redefined birds as modern dinosaurs.

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Well, here in California they do.

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As I work my way through middle age. I myself have been a unicorn at least once. For some reason, A single hair keeps trying to emerge from the center of my forehead. It appears suddenly and frequently reaches a length of over an inch in the course of what seems like minutes. I pulled one just the other day. And don’t get me started on ear hair…

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@majorrich Pictures? lol

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You ought to visit the Unicorn Museum.

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I would be pressed to make it come out in a pic. It was very fine and white. But it had roots clear to the back of my head when I yanked it out (with prejudice, it did not belong there)

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