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Do you believe in karma?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5446points) March 29th, 2016

I realise that i have already asked a previous question about the origins on the belief of karma.

But I would like to directly ask you if you actually believe in karma and if you think there is anything to the idea of good karma and bad karma?

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I’m afraid of what might happen if I say “no”, so I’m abstaining for now.

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Believing that people get what they deserve would require me to believe that kids with cancer all did something awful so that’s a resounding “nah” from me.

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Nah, too many good people get horrible fate already.

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I’m smitten with the notion of karma; as to the reality, no.

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Not as a hard and fast rule, I do not believe we are all suffering from the ills of a previous lifetime. Nor do I think positive karma exempts one from hard times or difficult situations.

Yet, I do believe one gets back what one puts out into the Universe. People who handle difficulties with grace and aplomb seem to have less of them; people who always blame others and treat the world poorly seem to be continually beset with problems.

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I find that when I live compassionately, life is less burdensome and anxiety-ridden. When I live in a self-absorbed manner, life becomes darker and more frustrating.

I don’t know how you define karma, but that’s how it looks from here.

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What @zenvelo said. I would say cause & effect not Karma, in the literal sense, of believing we have some sort of Karmic score sheet going on from past lives. People are pretty good at burning their own bridges or building them.

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No. I do not believe in some supernatural force that rewards good and punishes bad behaviour.
I believe in causality.

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No, pure bullshit

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Yes, at least because it exists in our consciousness and in our subconscious, and the subconscious can and does seriously mess with our lives when we try to ignore stuff. For example, if I were to post “no, karma is crap!”, my subconscious might not be happy with that response, and might be musing about that while I try to close a door, taking my ability to focus and leading me to smash my knee in it, or leave something I care about in a public place, or whatever.

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Karma is cause and effect, not the dippy new-age bullshit that most people mistakenly paint is as, so yes.

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If by karma you mean the law of cause and effect, then yes, absolutely.

If you mean some sort of cosmic justice machine that dispenses rewards and punishments, then no, I think that notion is just a way of keeping large numbers of people under control.

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Just ask Boy George. It’s important if you are a chameleon

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Not anymore, doesn’t explain many things.

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I’ve always been the victim of instant karma. So yes!

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