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How do you shake hands, firmly or feebly?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) March 29th, 2016

I had a strange handshake experience yesterday during a business meeting with an Attorney. As a women I offer a firm handshake and am usually the first one to extend my hand. This guy just barely grasped the tips of my fingers and I found it rather bizarre. Maybe I caught him off guard but you would think, as a professional, that a handshake would be pretty standard business etiquette.

Are you a firm shaker or a creepy finger squeezer? haha

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Firmly but not crushingly.

It always strikes me as odd when I get a wimpy handshake in return.

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@elbanditoroso Exactly! The guy just barely grabbed the tips of like 3 of my fingers and lightly squeezed them. I just found it really unusual.

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As a very young boy, I was taught by my favorite uncle, a salesman, to shake a man’s hand firmly and look him straight in his eyes; I’ve always done exactly that.

When shaking a woman’s hand, I always strive to match her firmnes, or lack thereof.

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Depends on the situation.

In normal everyday mundane life, firm handshake.

At SCA events, Renaissance faires, etc., offer hand and curtsey.

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It depends on how the other person shapes hands. I match the grip of the other person.

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Maybe the guy was a germ-a-phobe, haha. Yes, I too always offer a firm shake or one that matches the other persons grip and look the person in the eye as @Pachy said.

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I prefer the hokey cokey method, can be a real ice breaker in the right company.
Differs when it comes to our housestaff though, they are trained to bow & gently kiss the back of my hand, breeds discipline you see :D

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I apply no pressure whatsoever.

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@ucme Now THAT is funny! lol

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I’m in the “firm handshake, look ‘em in the eye” camp.

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I’m with @Pachy and @Yetanotheruser Firm and look them in the eye.

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Also in the “firm handshake, look ‘em in the eye” camp.

In fact, I may or may not judge people on how they shake hands.

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Grasp and release. My hand is rigid, but I don’t apply a lot of pressure.

I’ve had the ‘grasp the ends of your fingers’ shake, and it’s unnerving.
I also dislike the “southern belle” method, where the ‘lady’ just puts her limp fingers forward so you may clasp them.

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@ibstubro I hate when the “southern belle method” happens and you’re going in with a firm shake, because you ultimately (unintentionally) end up crushing their hand. Oops :x

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@EzraDixon Welcome to the pod! :-)

@ibstubro Yeesh..yes, I was creeped out by a 50 something year old man doing the end of fingers shake. haha

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@Coloma Happy to be here :)

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I couldn’t tell you. Handshakes don’t mean much to me, so I’m usually not even paying attention when it happens.

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@dxs Well, you’d notice if you got a wimpy finger shake. haha

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I was recently at a career fair as a potential employer and most of the millennials that I met had flaccid, clammy handshakes. Shudder

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I think people who judge (or “judg” for you colonials) people based on their handshake should be destroyed.

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@ragingloli Well….a handshake does convey a lot, not any different than any type of body language.

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Awww…give a shake a chance, @ragingloli.

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Firmly. I have had men from different cultures say they don’t shake hands with women. Not often, but it has happened.

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@Earthbound_Misfit And I’ve met women who don’t shake hands with men. They’re only “allowed” to touch their husband.

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Between firm and light but not feeble or hard, while looking in their face. But I approach carefully in case I encounter sweaty palms. Then it feeble. I don’t squeeze though. That just seems too needy.

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