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Are celebrities overrated in terms of beauty?

Asked by th3dream3r (85points) March 29th, 2016

Don’t get me wrong many celebrities are beautiful. However I feel some are a bit overrated. From a guys point of view, I see everyday women and girls who are more attractive then many celebrities. However since they don’t have fame or status people deem them as less attractive. People treat celebs like they are Gods or Goddesses. However they are just like everyone else. They just have more fame and status. If someone who is not famous suddenly became famous over night. People would amplify their beauty. But this this person was beautiful even before they became famous. I am not sure if I am making sense. I am not saying I am right, it is just my personal opinion.

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Well as a gay man, I think most male celebrities who are seen as handsome are very attractive. The only male celebrity I would call over rated in terms of looks, would probably be Daniel Craig. I honestly don’t know what people see in him. I don’t find him attractive at all. Just not my type I suppose.

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Beauty is subjective. A person who may seem beautiful to you, may seem fairly ordinary to me. Furthermore, celebrities have access to hairdressers, make-up artists, the best photographers and PhotoShop. So in many cases what we see is not what they are.

I also think beauty really does shine from the inside out. So that woman you see on the street who is laughing, happy and confident, may appear to be far more beautiful than that picture of a particular actress.

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Most celebrities are pretty common looking, physically. Give the average person unlimited resources and the talents of untold numbers of stylists and designers and it’s going to be pretty hard to not look spectacular.

Do you think Ryan Gosling is handsome?
Not knowing who he is, I honestly had to answer “Not especially. There’s something odd about his mouth.”
The consensus, however, seemed to be that Gosling has that ‘little something extra’ in the personality/charm/charisma department.

So, I think that’s true of most celebrities. They have ‘a little something extra’ beyond the simply physical that makes them attractive to other people. Considered beautiful.

Then again, there’s a certain percentage of celebrities that are freaking gorgeous, in larger proportion to the general population.
But I’ve known ‘commoners’ that were, too, and maintained it.

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Who decides what beauty is? As @Earthbound_Misfit said, it’s subjective.

Many people thought that Tina Louise was beautiful on Gilligan’s island—blond, tall, elegant. I liked Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) because she was normal and brunette.

It’s all a matter of opinion. Celebrity or regular person doesn’t matter.

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Maybe they seem overrated because we know so much more about their personal lives and personalities than we did in the 40s and 50s. I mean, there were gossip colums and stuff but there was still that wall of separation. Now, we know where they are every single minute and have the dubious privelege of seeing them in their homes from the moment they wake up. Blame reality tv. But that added glamour is no longer there so they are no longer on a pedestal for us to humbly worship from afar and below. Now we stalk them and feel free to criticize how they raise their kids. The fourth wall has been well and truly broken. So we no longer see a face softened artistically by clever lighting, surrounded with white fur and diamonds. We see a regular guy who is kinda good looking, but no more so than some guy we saw in line at the theatre. Or a pretty woman who looks like someone we know from school. The mystique is long gone.

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I’m still getting over Archie marring Veronica and not Betty.

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