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Should I work out before or after I eat?

Asked by Rayiscool (55points) July 19th, 2007 from iPhone

I like to go to the gym in the evenings, but I'm not sure if I should eat before or after.

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EAT AFTER! (otherwise blood/energy goes to your stomach and gives you cramps when it's redirected to muscles, etc)

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You shoud work out before and eat afterward, cause if you eat before and don't wait long enough before working out you might wind up wearing your meal or having difficulty finishing your routine because your body it still digesting and your body is multi tasking the blood flow and slow you down.

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I agree, eat dinner after exercising, but I find it extremely helpful to have an energy bar and a bottle water prior to your exercise session. When I exercise after a long day, I need a pick-me-up to that by session are not cut short. A small snack helps propel me through the session and I need quit early because I am craving dinner. Plus the promise of dinner is psychological reward to my session.

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Totally eat after.
1. many people get nauseous if they eat before sport.
2. workout makes your metabolism speed temporarily, so any food eaten after sport gets digested better/faster.

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thanks guys for ur help!

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