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What is your opinion on public displays of affection?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 30th, 2016

Such as holding hands and sharing a kiss with your significant other in public?

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It’s fine with me, too.

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Should be a capital offence.

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Hand holding and a quick kiss is fine with me. Hand holding is especially nice I think when walking. My husband and I still do it.

It’s odd to me if people hold hands while standing still. Also, I hold hands with my husband when we are basically just him and me. If I had a girlfriend walking along with us, beside us, I’d probably not reach out for his hand. If I’m with a couple I don’t want to feel like I’m a third wheel. I want the interaction to feel equal amongst all of us. I hope when I have a friend visit by herself or himself he/she feels that way with my husband and me.

If we are with a group of people and maybe we are walking side by side and other people in front and back, then I think the hand holding is fine too. It’s very situational in my opinion.

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It’s fine with me although it makes me kind of envious. Groping and French kissing in public would carry it a bit too far IMHO.

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Who cares? Not my business to judge.

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Totally fine as long as there is no lengthy groping and face sucking going on. Keep it a little in control. haha

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Why not!

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I’m fine with holding hands and a quick peck in public. Anything beyond that I would get a little uncomfortable.

@JLeslie worded it nicely about not wanting others that’re hanging with you to feel like a third wheel. I’ve felt like a third wheel before and it is totally not fun. I keep hand holding to a minimum if a third is with us!

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If I notice? You’ve probably taken it the public affection thing as far as it needs to go.

Although, I admit I give young ‘uns more of a pass. I vividly remember discovering the warm supple flesh of another human being and the promise sex, sex, sex!

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It’s more than fine to me—I think it’s rather sweet! And anyway, the way I see it, it’s got very little to do with me—why should I feel uncomfortable seeing some other couple be happy and affectionate?

At the same time, I would feel inclined to give them privacy if they started to, say, make out—and being unable to give them privacy might make me feel uncomfortable—but that says more about my societal conditioning than anything, probably.

Two side notes—thoughts that just crossed my mind—it’s interesting how we call them “public displays” as if someone giving their SO a kiss is more about its presentation to others than it is about the couple…. At the same time, why wouldn’t we expect SOs to interact with each other more intimately than they do with friends, acquaintances, strangers, etc.? .... What nosy, stifled people it would make us!

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“Does it really matter what these affectionate people do? — so long as they don’t frighten the horses!”—Mrs. Patrick Campbell, 1910. (quoted by Gailcalled, 2013).

I think that quote still holds up.

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Depends on who is doing it.

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I’m fine with them. As long as people aren’t having sex on the barbecue table in front of me, I don’t care if people kiss and cuddle. I’d rather see that than people arguing or being violent towards each other.

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Whatever. I have other things to worry about.

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Well, just kissing for a second, and holding hands is cool. Practically having sex there on the spot is not.

I knew the daughter of a friend once. Every time she got a new boyfriend they’d be all over each other the whole time they were visiting. He’s be running his hand up her shirt, just short of her breasts and stuff. She’d be running her hand down his leg. It finally got to the point where I’d just leave the room.

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That describes perfectly the difference between being affectionate and having sex with your clothes on.

Its like the definition of pornography. You know it when you see it. Same thing here.

When I see women in the clubs dancing by bending over and grinding their booty into the guys crotch, Im thinking, yup, having sex with your clothes on.

Thats way way beyond affection. Go get a room for crying out loud.

That being said, however, I do think that couples handholding being snuggly and affectionate is quite lovely to see. Far preferable to arguments and violence.

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Just like other PDAs

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Obsolete? Could you expand, @SecondHandStoke?

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It is a failed pun.

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^ “Failed.”

A pun not made by you.

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Mmm… _Yes, Mistress Loli.

(Kneels at Loli’s feet).

Ugh, it’s humid in this furry suit…

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