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What type of web cam should I get?

Asked by Comedian (1123points) July 27th, 2008

I want to get a web cam, but I’m not sure what kind I should get. I can’t afford a ton but so are there any good, but cheap, ones?

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good AND cheap, send me a message when you find one

you could check out logtich cams

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Phillips SPC700 or 900

Cheap isnt always good.

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Is ebay or amazon better to get one? Or just from the store

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i’d just get it from the store really, but that’s me… how can we make that choice for you ?

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I think if you tell us what you intend to use it for, that would help us. If you plan on using it for web-chatting or teleconferencing, please also mention what kind of computer you have, whether you intend to use it for business or personal use, and what type of internet connection you have.

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@comedian: i would say eBay is pretty good. Frankly I bought one for my mom for 9.99 with shipping. THey are one of those generic brands but have been working perfectly for the last 9 months.

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atharkhan is right, if you are stripping off all your clothes and need high quality for this, then obviously the answer would be different than if you just want to casually chat with your great aunt Stella.

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@atharkhan:it’s a dell

oh and i’m not going stripping. just chatting with friends

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Logitech has a lot of good web cams for fair prices, But check out, and go to there shop and look at their web cams, they have a good range of webcams at good prices. Its a good place to start. Plus skype is awesome

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