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If you have tried Sensoril® (Ashwagandha Extract) to reduce anxiety, what was your experience?

Asked by ibstubro (18717points) March 31st, 2016

I saw it on the clearance shelf at CVS and wondered if it was worth a try.

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@ibstubro If you are currently suffering with anxiety I really feel for you. I have recovered from it myself and it took a job change + exercise and diet. There is no pill you can take that will cure it. benzos are a trap You have to identify and face your demons and that includes identifying any health issues that cause it. Good luck, nothing sucks more than anxiety. Please keep us in the loop, you’re not alone here man.

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Take 5 bucks, throw them over your shoulder, and walk away. That’ll probably help you just as much. Sorry.

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You’re better off talking to someone and dealing with the source of your anxiety. Honestly, I tried anti depressants, vitamins, acupuncture. There is no pill for peace of mind.

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Well, you all disappoint but don’t surprise me.
I know there’s no ‘magic pill’, but I had hopes that it might give me a little better rest.

I know the source of the anxiety, it’s situational, and it’ll just have to run its course. I think a drive to Colorado might be a soothing option, but it’s a hell of a drive.

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well, if that’s the case benadryl will work a couple of times. Not the best answer but the stuff has a way of forcing me to break out of thought cycles and just sleep. It’s all still there in the morning though.

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Red wine works for me.

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But more seriously, get into a good book or a good tv series on freetv. If it is situational and passing do something to get your mind off things.

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Supposedly exercise helps reduce anxiety, too.

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Sorry, kids, I didn’t mean to blow anyone off:

I appreciate the heartfelt word of encouragement, @ARE_you_kidding_me. In the big picture it’s something that’s just going to have to work itself out. I have improved my eating habits and eliminated alcohol, and that’s improved my functioning, if not the situation.
I’ve been having a cycle of my ‘tiny hives from hell’ lately, and a nurse suggested I might try benedryl for that, anyway (although she had her doubts).

Fortunately, @Rarebear, it was ½ price, so I only spent $2 and change. lol

Thanks, @cazzie. I can’t afford to talk to a professional and I’m not good at talking about it with friends. I can’t stand the one-dimensionality of only telling sound bites and no one has a week to spare for details.
No wine. No TV, but I’ve been taking refuge in good, but easily read, books.

Exercise, exercise, exercise. I get it, @jca. J/K
I’ve never been good at exercising for exercise sake, but I should really just do it. We’ll see. There is a rural park nearby that’s basically a steep wooded hill with a loop at the top. I’ve walked/run it before and it’s about ideal. No promises.

As you all seem to know, the problem with anxiety/depression is getting started and making change.

Thanks, all.

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I have heard that yoga is good for anxiety.

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Another casualty of the stress, @ARE_you_kidding_me.

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@ibstubro been there too. Sorry, I have an idea of how bad it is for you then.

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Low but not gone.

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@ibstubro I think it’s just terrible you have to pay for desperately needed mental health there. Anyway I too have pretty bad anxiety, I am starting a therapy called “emdr” I forget what that stands for, but it’s been said to be very successful with treating combat veterans. ( I have been diagnosed with ptsd ). It’s something where you move your eyes when revisiting the event or whatever. I don’t like talk therapy like how will that help. It is said to be effective very, very quickly. There must be people there who do this on a sliding fee scale, no money no fee! Anyway I thought Id put it out there give it a try hey we can compare notes. Good luck to you do I ever feel ya.

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Thanks, @trailsillustrated.

I really have to get to the other side of a really bad situation and see how things fall.

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@ibstubro: Is it something you can change (i.e. finances, work, relationship), or is it just general anxiety not due to a situation?

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Situationally exacerbated, if that makes sense, @jca?

I don’t really want to try to get into it. I have tried antidepressants in the past, when things were great compared to now.

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I think it’s the right thing to tackle it now before it gets hold of you and becomes more chronic. Keeping your mood elevated stops the downward spiral and the actual chemical changes in your brain of long term depression. Try whatever helps

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It’s in my adrenal supplement prescribed by my functional medicine doctor. She recommended a specific brand, though. You don’t really know what is in supplements, you know?

My best thoughts and wishes for your healing and health.

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