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Would you risk it?

Asked by syz (35649points) July 27th, 2008

Assuming that the manned Mars program actually gets to the point of sending someone (and I have no idea how long the round trip might be), would you go if you had the chance?

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Definitely not. I’m too mentally unstable to handle the torment of being alone with just a few other astronauts. Seriously, sending men to Mars is like the ultimate reality show. I truly think that the hardest part isn’t the technology: it’s actually the sanity of these brave people. Plus, if there really are Martians on Mars, I probably wouldn’t want to be the first to find out.

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No. I don’t like 2 hour flights, so a round trip to Mars does not appeal to me.

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I’ll stay home for this one, thanks.

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If I’m ME, then no. If I were an astronaut, absolutely…how thrilling to be among the first to see a whole new world.

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In a heartbeat, yes.

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I would jump at the chance at seeing another of G-d’s creations

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Absolutely.. It would be worth dying for. And I don’t have a problem being alone for long stretches of time. I do solo week long camping trips often.

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Right now I totally would, it would be awesome. But if I had a family I wouldn’t go.

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I would definitely go. I find the prospect of even being on a different planet very exciting. And being one of the first people to do it would make the whole experience that much sweeter. I agree with jp, that is one experience worth dying for :)

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Before I answer I need something clarified first.

Have they set up some wifi up there. Do they have EDGE or 3G?

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Wifi would be nice, but if I even had a countless supply of books, I would be okay

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I think you’d be on something worse than 56K. Hell, probably something worse than 14K (ahh the good ole sucky days of AOL dial-up). Since it takes awhile for even radio transmissions to make its way to and from Earth.

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By the time you’re fluther answer made it back to earth the question would be 5 pages back :p

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@Breefield: Indeedy! It takes 5/6 minutes to send small radio packets, never mind sustaining an Internet connection. Would be interesting to try.

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Oh, and to answer the question; YES. It would be incredible. I would never think the same way about anything again.

Has anyone seen the documentary where Apollo astronauts describe being on the dark side of the moon? It sent shivers down my spine.

I would love it. I would leave tomorrow no questions asked.

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Can I take my husband, books, cats, laptop, iPhone, & cable TV along with me? If the answer is no then I am not going…
Also I would need an excellent bathtub and lots of bubble bath!

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Nah, I would rather spend my youth on earth enjoying life than spending god knows how many years on some cramped space ship wearing diapers and eating dehydrated food and then walking around some planet that sucks and I have to wear a space suit. I’ll go when they open the first Martian bar and club. Maybe if I could explore the universe with a little pazaaz like on the Star Ship Enterprise or Millennium Falcon. Now that would be cool.

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I’ve got a family to think of, so no. But it would always bother me that I’d let an opportunity as that go by.
Now maybe if it was Venus. I mean since men are from Mars & women are from Venus, think off all the women!

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this is just me and you might not agree, but my friend and I were talking about these whole space quests, and he and I agreed that they are a waste of money. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to go live up there or anything. but that is just me and him.

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@comedian: I can definitely see how you think that the space program is a waste of money. But I also have to agree with some of the points made in this question and this question regarding why the program is important.

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@jcs:Well I mean it’s not a total waste of money, it’s just that some of that money might be more useful for other things. but I do see where the others are coming from

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Heck no!!! I don’t even like to get on a plane!

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No way, I’d rather live in a cave and eat bugs then do that!!!

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Hell. Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes.
I agree with jp, it’s worth dying for.
My dream is to be the first Australian woman in space, but if I were to be one of the first people on Mars then fuck… I’m speechless just thinking about it.
richardhenry, The Dark Side of the Moon was absolutely amazing and I too got shivers down my spine.

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Right. What if your new home on Mars was a cave, and all that was to eat there was martian bugs, would that sway you towards going at all?

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I want to go for the same reason I want to go to Antarctica- The wild desolation, the beauty, the adventure, the penguins. actually all but the last
And also, because if I do get the chance and don’t go, it will forever tauntingly shine over me and my descendents like an eternal monument to regret and wasted dreams.

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Crikey, that was poetic. Brought a tear to my eye.
GA BTW :-)

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