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Is this not the most stupid Facebook post you've ever heard of?

Asked by Aster (19984points) April 2nd, 2016

About once a month, someone posts on Facebook: “reply with Amen and you will soon receive a lot of money from God. ” Then follows dozens of Amens.
What is the poster trying to achieve? Attention? And worse, how on earth can so many people believe this crapola? Don’t they realize that all the millions of needy people who don’t read the post will miss out? Shaking my head at the “human” race.

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I’m not sure which part is the stupidest:
– That people make such claims on Facebook?
– That people follow the stupid instructions in the hope of stupid rewards?
– That you think people will “miss out” on the largesse? (Which I thought we agreed was a mirage, but now I’m just not sure.)

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hahaha No; I don’t think anyone is missing out on anything whatsoever. I just didn’t know how to say it. lol
To me, it’s a sad commentary on human beings that they’d respond as directed to get the cash by saying, “Amen.” Depressing.

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Those posts and others like them (for example encouraging likes and shares) could have viruses in them. The unaware person shares and virus spreads.

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Well, it’s a lot like the people who post

“My son/daughter/friend is having surgery today – pray for a swift recovery”

Really? Do the prayers of 100 (or 10000) unknown idiots on facebook really help the person get healthy?

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There are many more like that circulating on social sites these days..just ignore them. That’s the best we can do.

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God is not a fairy godmother. Ugh. I hate those and as a Christian they embarrass me

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Hahaha I hate those. Right up there with the “only 2% of the population can do this puzzle! Spell this word !” Etc. then you look and something a five year old could solve/spell. The poster has “genius” or “spelling expert or wizard ” or something on their feed omg makes me fear for humanity.

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“Smarter than 98% of the population ” lol.

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That one hahaha then you look and it’s got like three different ways to spell “cat”, ‘cet’ “kitteh’ oh dear lord.

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What they get, is a bunch of silly people who read and respond to even very stupid Facebook posts, to respond, giving them a potentially sellable list of Facebook ID’s of people who are that dumb and pay attention to Facebook posts. They sell the list to people who have products they want to sell, or scams to perpetrate, or whatever.

And no, it’s not quite the stupidest I’ve seen.

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I can’t stand the, “name a fish that doesn’t have an “A” in the name. I bet you can’t.”
I weep for the future. I either scroll by it or say, “I can’t think of one.” Bored Idiot.

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Who could deem that as stupid when related people are blinded by religious value behind the statement? Only external individuals can the what hidden agenda the poster have in mind. These kind of saying resemble popular Islamic saying that I’ve heard far too many times.

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Well, I give up. I tried to link a meme of Captain Picard(?) saying something sarcastic about saying Amen but I can’t do it without linking to my fb page. Poo. I unfriend people who post those wretched “Let’s see who cares about me,I already know who will,”

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I see it the same way as “a like for this picture and you are blessed with all happiness”

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Or they’ll show a photo of a sick person in a hospital bed or someone who appears to have just been in an auto accident and is gravely injured it will say “Can he get an Amen?” Then there will be hundreds of people who type “Amen.” So stupid.

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^ hate those almost more than the puzzles. “Find the penguin in all the cats!” Takes about a sec gah talk about weep for the future.

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I saw one the other day, a little kid holding up a sign that said “My mom said she’ll quit smoking if she gets a lot of likes” or something like that. Seriously?

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Name a fish without “A” in the name? Trout, pike, minnow, cod, swordfish, frikkin’ GOLDFISH… wtf?

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I know most of you won’t read this. Some of us know someone with cancer and blah, blah, blah. Like and share this post if you care about loved ones struggling with cancer.

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Cut and paste this status to your wall to show support for autism.

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I also hate, “I need a hug. Respond with a hug. I know who will reply and who will not.” Well, if you already know then why ask? And how can a Facebook hug help anything?
I guess the world is full of lonely, desperate people. Sad.

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And the passive aggressive “if you don’t repost this I’ll understand….”

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Share if you hate cancer!

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