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When it comes to “questioning everything” are all topics fair game?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 2nd, 2016

Or do you think that there are certain topics and issues, that ought not be be questioned?

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All topics are fair game.

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Ask away.

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I believe the rules of decency exist. If you are offensive, you will know that by the reactions, or lack of reactions, that you receive.

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Everything should be open to question, or else we must question why they should not be questioned.

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Only if they have the right for it. I can’t imagine anyone would want to ask what I dirty little thing I have commited with my divorced neighbor in his basement. Lol.

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@Unofficial_Member Well don’t keep us all waiting on the answer now jk haha

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@NerdyKeith I might consider doing that (or whatever you desire) if you ask me when you’re pan-frying sizzling ham, while naked wearing only an apron. Lol

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All topics are fair game. I love playing devils advocate, I can easily see multiple truths in almost everything.

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Everything should, indeed, be fair game. Taboo, feigning ignorance, denial, I believe these to be dangerous and counterproductive. Of course, that’s easy to say when you live in a country where, essentially, you have the right to say whatever you wish, or pretty much anyways.

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