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Anyone else sick of the new Mummy movie already?

Asked by Poser (7800points) July 27th, 2008

It hasn’t even opened and I hate it already.

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I know that I’m sick of my daughter telling me how badly she wants to see it. I think it looks kind of cool though.

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Well, jet li is sweet, and Its kind of different from the other Mummy movies… So I don’t know, I think it will be entertaining But that doesn’t mean it will be good. If you have to see it, I recommend kicken back a few before you do.

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Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, but based on the trailers I thought it looked horrible. I enjoyed the first two films immensely, but this one just reeks of Hollywood trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of a movie series that would have been better left alone and untarnished. It just seems like a horrible idea. “Hey, kids like kung-fu and Asian stuff. I bet if we take the mummy, make him an ancient Chinese emperor and throw him into the ring with Brendan Frasier, we’ll make a ton! It’ll be irresistable!” Gag me.

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@Crayon—My thoughts exactly.

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I’m sick of Brendan Frasier period. Best role: Encino Man. He didn’t shoot everything.

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It looks waaaay to Hollywood and over the top. There was a preview for it before Step Brothers last night and Brendan Frasier’s character’s son has returned only all grown up, yet Brendan’s character has been unaffected by age. I didn’t see the woman who played the leading lady role in the other two movies either. Can anyone say ridiculous?

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Well…...* small meek voice * ...I’m looking forward to it…

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@ shrub, dont worry, i’m looking forward to it too :)

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Sorry… I don’t mean to be discouraging. My roommate wants to see it as well if that makes it any better. =)

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Saw it. Impressive action and CG effects. Weak storyline, weaker acting. One star.

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i saw it too and found only amusement in the fact that it was so bad, haha.

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aww well I’ll have to make sure I take some friends who I can laugh at it with then :P

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