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What is your opinion of Neil Gaiman as an author?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) April 3rd, 2016

One of his most well know books
“American Gods” many are familiar
with. Give me your account of him
as an author based on the books
he has written.

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Love love love Neil Gaimen. I have read most of his adult works and a lot of his books for children. I love the blend of magic with everyday people. Neverwhere is one of my favourites

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I have no opinion because I have never heard of him.

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I freaking love his writing. An extremely imaginative and singular talent.

I love Neverwhere and The Graveyard Book the best.

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I’ve only read American Gods, but it was great. Czernobog rules.

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I really enjoy his writing. But I think my favorite is Good Omens, his amazing collaboration with Terry Pratchett.

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@JeSuisRickSpringfield I own that book, never got around to reading it yet though.

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I liked American Gods quite a bit. I never read Mirror Mask but saw the movie and completely hated it. I also did not care for his Graphic Novel format of whatever it was that I started reading and just gave up on. It may have been about vampires or something. Then again, I may just be part of the wrong demographic group. I do plan to go visit House on the Rock this summer. Lookin’ forward…

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I’ve heard him speak and read parts of his stories, and read a short story of his or two, and seen the film Stardust, which I quite liked. I like him a lot as a person and author. His style is an intuitive one where I think people will like it if they like his personality and humor and imagination, which I do, even though it’s not exactly like mine.

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I loved “Sandman.” I recently received “The Trust Is a Cave in the Black Mountains” and “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” as gifts, but I haven’t read them yet.

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I really liked Neverwhere and American Gods. I don’t read fantasy books, but I kept stumbling upon the name, Neil Gaiman, and decided to see why he was so popular.

My reading habits haven’t changed but I enjoyed those enough that I’ve recommended them a few times to other people.

The worlds he dreams up are beautiful, I kept reading because to help imagine visiting there myself.

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My son just loaned me Sandman. He is 29, and loves his work.

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He is quite a good author of (dark) fantasy genre. Highly imaginative, creative and scary too. I ‘d read Anansi Boys & American Gods. Both books are simply good.

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