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Is there tax on the Online Apple Store?

Asked by ohmyfluther (9points) July 27th, 2008

I have discounts through my Employer for the Online Apple Store, Does Apple charge tax?

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Yes. I got charged tax when I bought my MBP last month. I also get charged tax on iTunes purchases.

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How much was it for the MBP because that is the one I am getting and where is it since tax is measured in where you live.

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In my case it was 8.25%, I live in Texas.

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The government charge VAT, as they do with any purchase. If you can claim VAT back, then you do so after sales.

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Yes. I believe the Apple Online Store has tax charged on it, so do apps from the App Store on iTunes.

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They charge tax based on where the item is shipping. I believe online stores only have to charge tax in states where they have a retail presence. So in theory if you lived in a state with no brick and mortar Apple Store, you might not be charged tax.

I’m only speculating as I live in California so I don’t have any first-hand experience with ordering from another state.

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Not for software, when I downloaded Lion it was 29.99 as advertised.

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