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Why is Donald Trump's face orange?

Asked by chyna (45309points) April 4th, 2016

And why hasn’t his people told him it looks ridiculous?

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He’s part oompa loompa?

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He’s a Martian.

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He rolls around in Doritos while wearing goggles.

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It helps accentuate his pristine white eye_holes.

And yeah. He is a racist piece of shit. I just wanted my disdain to be clear.

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I’m sure anyone who told him he looks/acts ridiculous is summarily fired and then sued.

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Its probably from electric tanning beds.

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It looks like that fake tanning shit

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It looks like he uses Insta-Tan® cream which it stains your skin orange. He also has a minion do his spray-on abs every morning just in case he gets lucky.

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@Espiritus_Corvus if that minion could only tell the “emperor” he not wearing anything

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I don’t know, but those rings around his eyes freak me out.

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The problem with being “a person in power” is that few people are going to be willing to risk upsetting the Big Man by telling him something that may be considered negative. Many people around him will be full of praise and will be doing everything they can to get on his good side. They’re going to tell him the good stuff. The stuff about “your hair is not a good look on you” or “your skin color is a bit orange-ish today” is not going to be heard by him.

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The dead emptiness in his eyes freaks me out more. They’re like a shark’s.

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It was a failed attempt to turn himself gold. Not golden tanned, real gold.

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Orange you glad it hasn’t happened to you?

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^^ Ah hahahahaha. Ah hahaha, ah ha…(loooks around. no one else is laughing) haaaaaaaa. (slinks away)

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I’ve heard, on good authority, his testicles are ripe satsumas which pump out sunny delight upon orgasm
A truly vomit inducing mental image I know, but the search for truth must be unafraid of consequences

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Somebody mentioned minions?
Well, I am sure everyone here is ready to win beauty contests.
What a petty bunch.

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I have a fairly reliable inside source that told me Donald Trump sustains himself on the tears of oompa loompas. He keeps them locked in a closet and steals their candy. One side effect of this diet is the orangeification of the skin. It also makes his hands unnaturally small.

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@Jak Knock knock….

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Back to your question: “And why hasn’t his people told him it looks ridiculous?”
A: They’re still working on the hair. He is obviously not responding.

Actress, writer, and now makeup artist Tess Paras has commented on Trump’s makeup:

In her video for F-Comedy, Tessa Para breathlessly declares:

“A lot of you guys have been writing in and asking me to do this really popular look that’s been trending these days. It’s not strobing, it’s not contouring, it is ‘Trumping.’”

She then adds, “so, I’m really excited to ‘make your face great again.’”

Are you ready to try this on-trend look? It takes only three minutes, and Tess Paras walks you through it in just three easy steps.

Step 1. Pick A Concealer.

First, Tess Paras explains, you want to “pick a concealer that’s about 10 shades lighter than your skin tone.” She reveals that her favorite is a shade called “veiled white supremacy,” but says you can feel free to use anything that makes you look really pale and dehydrated.

To look more like Donald Trump put the concealer on your eyes, and then on your lips. Paras explains that the goal is for them to look as drained as possible:

“like you’ve been running your mouth all day […] Like you’ve been talking and talking to the point where ‘oh, I’m not making any sense and I contradict myself.’”

“You’ll know you’re done when your mouth “basically looks like a chapped anus.”

Step 2. Pick A Bronzer.

Next, you’ll want to pick a bronzer that’s juuuuust the right shade of orange.

“It’s important that you pick a bronzer that’s really orange. You don’t want it to be tan or brown, because then somebody’s going to ask for your birth certificate, and that is a definite no-no.”

“Once you find a bronzer that won’t get you attacked by one of Donald Trump’s rabidly racist followers, you can apply it, erm, liberally with a foam makeup pad.”

Step 3. Prepare Your Cheetos.

Now, on to “the most important part of this Trumping tutorial.” Tess Paras explains Cheetos are the key to getting that trendy Donald Trump look … Plus, they’re delicious.

“Take some Cheetos. And what I like to do is smash them up into a finely-milled powder.”
But first, Paras reminds you to put goggles on to protect the eyes, not because the chemicals used to produce that toxic shade of orange may scorch your corneas, but because “that’s already a done, finished part of my look.”

She then applies a powdery coating of finely-milled Cheetos to her face and declares, “Voila! This face is #winning, America!”

But lest you think Tess Paras’ made this makeup tutorial because she only admires Donald Trump for his looks, she closes with an important reminder:

“Remember: With Trumping, it’s not what you look like that makes you ugly.”

Tess Paras’ YouTube Tutorial

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FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!! Thank you @Espiritus_Corvus!!!!

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You da MAN EC.

Wish there was a way to give you 20 QA’s

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I think it is the infrared lamps to warm up the cold cold heart.

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@Dutchess_III….(nervously) who’s there? (Braces for the worst)

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@longgone Link is blocked, by country.

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Because he’s orange

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Nope. Also blocked.

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“This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. ” wierd.

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Welcome to Europe. Hm. Well, here’s the transcript:

Orange Guy: I was playing golf and my cleat got stuck. I mean, it hurt a little but I kept playing. The next morning I could barely stand up. Well, you’re smiling so I take it that means this isn’t serious.

[House takes out his pills]

Orange Guy: What’s that? What are you doing?

House: Painkillers.

Orange Guy: Oh, for you, for your leg.

House: No, ‘cause they’re yummy. You want one? It’ll make your back feel better.

[Guy nods and House gives him a painkiller]

House: Unfortunately, you have a deeper problem. Your wife is having an affair.

Orange Guy: What?!

House: You’re orange, you moron! It’s one thing for you not to notice, but if your wife hasn’t picked up on the fact that her husband has changed color, she’s just not paying attention. By the way, do you consume just a ridiculous amount of carrots and mega-dose vitamins?

[Guy nods]

House: The carrots turn you yellow, the niacin turns you red. Get some finger-paints and do the math. And get a good lawyer.

[House leaves the room]

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I love House.

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Score another one for House!

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Parts of it are here, but split up between other bits. Best we can do here in USA, apparently.

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