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How could I cheaply have an exciting and creative group project?

Asked by AuroraMeloncholy (53points) April 4th, 2016

Please help, I’d like answers by 4/10/16 by 9:00 Est standard time. |xoxo

It’s for 8th grade health in Ohio about the Immune System. We have availability to most internet related things.

We already have:
– 1 Poster
– 1 Puppet show
– 1 Handout
– 1 Vocab Trivia (Oreos as a reward)
We ‘need’:
– Something for them to interact with

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Are you asking as a student or as a teacher? or other?

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Hmm … 8th grade is probably a little too old, isn’t it, to play-act the immune system? Maybe if you sell it as a kind of cosplay, perhaps?

I’m thinking that you could have some of the kids be infectious agents and some of them be red and white blood cells and others specific antibodies, for example, depending upon the agent. But perhaps that’s too elementary for a junior high school level.

Good luck with the event / project / activity.

PS: I’m thinking that in Ohio you probably mean Eastern Daylight Time at this time of the year.

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I’m an idiot! A student.

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We may be old but we like food and hate boring stuff and might be able to get them to participate if it’s fun. We might have them rolling on the floor laughing at our childish antics but it’s worth it.

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Here’s a tip for you, @AuroraMeloncholy, as a new user: as long as you can see “Edit this response” in red below your question, you can make changes and additions. The window lasts for about ten minutes. Adding to your post is better than a string of separate posts one after the other.

So is this a small-group presentation to the class or what? How big is the group?

When you say “we already have,” do you mean your group has done those things, or those ideas are already taken by other groups?

We don’t do homework for people (or read minds), but we do offer suggestions and also give feedback when asked. It helps if we understand the nature and scope of the assignment.

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Why not dress up as antibodies and red and white blood cells and then demonstrate the immune system by attacking each other. lol
Some of you could also be pollen spores or dust mites and histamines and demonstrate how the immune system responds to allergens. Does anyone have a dog or cat or rabbit to sniff and set off the attack. You could do this with your puppet show as well. haha

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There are some fun experiments to demonstrate efforts of the immune system. You can make them and demonstrate them and what they illustrate.

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Thank you, everyone! Also, the class has less than thirty students. When I say already have, I mean we’re already doing it.

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