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I almost got fired and got really emotional at work. Now I feel mortified. What should I do?

Asked by kasmel (104points) July 27th, 2008

I’ve been working as a waitress at a small cafe in new york for almost seven weeks. In the beginning, I had no experience, and was pretty bad. But for weeks now, I’ve been a perfect employee and a pretty excellent waitress. I don’t make mistakes. Or rather, I haven’t made a mistake in weeks. But today, I did; I brought out the wrong omelet for a customer and my boss got really angry. He said “You’re done,” and really meant it. He wouldn’t let me take any more tables for the day, and was fully planning on just firing me like that. I asked to speak to him and ended up crying uncontrollably. Big tears… with sobs.

I love everyone I work with and like my job, and I was so upset to have to leave everything. I have a four more weeks in the city, so it wouldn’t really make sense to try to get another job right now, and I do need the money. Amazingly, I got my job back with my usual shifts, but my boss says I’m on thin ice. I’m really scared to go back to work, and feel weak and silly. I want my job, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it (my boss can get on big power trips sometimes, ex. “everyone, if you don’t sell more than 5 specials tonight, YOU’RE FIRED!”) and also I’m worried about the reactions of my coworkers and how I should approach it.

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Practice in your mind ahead of time how will handle going back in.

I would sail in as if nothing was wrong. Thank the boss for giving you another chance and tell him you will be very careful. It is only four more weeks. You can do it. Do not reference the tears.

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Just act strong and confident. Be appreciative for your job and just do your best. ; ]

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Keep in mind that anyone who saw or knows about what happened is probably sympathetic to your situation. They work for the same guy, so they know how he is. Chances are, they’re not judging you for your reaction.

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Do you really need the job? If not I would not lower myself to working for someone who threatens to fire you simply because you brought a customer the wrong omlette. He needs to get a life! What a creep! I would tell him that you would rather drop dead than continue working for him. He sounds like a real jerk! You don’t need the stress!

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This is a temporary job- get through it and use it as a learning experience.

Everyone in life needs at least one really horrible job so that they appreciate
when a good one comes along.

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Keep your chin up – be a pro and just do your job to the best of your ability. If anyone references the incident just look at them intently and say nothing until they start stammering and backing away!

Crying at work is embarassing but it’s far from the worst thing you can do. Good luck

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Thanks, everyone! I work tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll follow through with cool composure and excellent job skills. And yeah, adina, I don’t really need the job- It’s stressful and a headache, but I wanted to be a waitress for the experience, and I think I’m getting it. Right now I’m almost wanting to quit, but I have so little time left and need to make more money, that that would be kind of silly. I’d miss my coworkers too much, anyway. Wish me luck!

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Oh man, I can’t really give any advice on the situation but on the verge of being fired for the wrong omelette, I was surprised when I read that. It sounds like he doesn’t realise that the words ‘human’ and ‘perfect’ don’t fit together at all. I waited on as a part time job for 1 and a half years, I made a large number of mistakes because we’re only human, the guests would order the wrong food by accident, or we would mis-hear/mis-count these things happen. But unlike your boss most people are quite forgiving, I hope one day he realises that he himself isn’t perfect and people do trip up. It’s life. Sorry I couldn’t answer your question, and I hope all goes well ;)

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Just try to hold your head up and do your job the best you can, and forget about what happened. This guy sounds like a real jerk, and I bet your tears fed his hunger for power. Tyrants threaten to fire employees because in their twisted little minds they like to watch them squirm.

It’s probably because he was bullied as a child, and now he wants to feel powerful. I’m sure the other employees feel bad for you, so don’t be embarrassed. Just use the old “picture him in his underwear” strategy, and he won’t seem so intimidating to you.

Try not to think about what happened, and have fun on the job. Good luck! Let us know how it works out.

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your a better person then he is.
Work until your time is up
Take from the experience, grow from it and continue on your path.

1 obstacle to go through in life.

What a dick though.

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Your boss is a dick. Find another place to work.

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