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Why would you want to use a marijuana leaf for your avatar?

Asked by dangdang (193points) July 27th, 2008

Just curious.

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It’s an inside joke. (Well, for some people, pete not included :) )

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me? because.



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Please describe for me why you would want to smoke marijuana? What does it do for you?

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If you’ll search drug related topics here on Fluther, you’ll see quite a few opinions.

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@dangdang: why smoke marijuana ? it helps me be creative. And more importantly it helps me turn off my brain for a few hours which some may not requite but when your life’s messed up and you simply cant stop thinking about it, you need such a thing.

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Because I can. It is just a picture. Does this picture alter how you see my answers?

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As far as vices go, it’s no more harmful than alcohol – in fact, there’s no known toxic amount. It’s only illegal for bogus reasons (Google “Anslinger”). For many people, it’s preferred to the depressant alcohol.

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God made weed,
Man made booze,
Which would you choose?

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@dang…between this and your premarital sex comments, I’m guessing you’re not the most fun at parties ;)

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BTW…I don’t smoke pot

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@eambos: i think this question is proof that the avatar does altar the way other users view a person’s answers.

edit: the way some other users view a person’s answers.

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@pete…It doesn’t bother me…I usually like your answers

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I don’t agree with the use of drugs personnaly but it is just a picture after all I mean it would stand to reason that petethepothead would have something like that on his avitar but It wouldn’t discourage me from answering his questions I teand to look at peoples answers and questions rather than weather they have a drug type name or avitar.

So folks that is the end of my rant thank you and good night

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I have nothing against the use of the marijuana avatar. It was a simple question. Why? And pete gave an honest answer. That was all I was looking for. As to whether it affects the way I read someones answer. I’m not sure. But I don’t think so.

@augustlan I do avoid “parties” seeing as I chose not to drink and that is the main source of entertainment a most “parties.”

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@dang…sorry I was being a little snarky. Honestly, I rarely drink, and as I said don’t do drugs either…but not for any moral reason. Just like to be in complete control of my faculties. Cigarettes on the other hand…ahhhh.

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Yep. That’s my reason as well. I think it’s a shame people feel they have to alter their body’s chemical state to make themselves have a good time or relieve themselves of the stresses of life. But oh well. To each their own!

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Ok, see, we may have the same reason to abstain, but that’s where the similarities end. I couldn’t care less what someone else is doing at the party, as long as it doesn’t affect me, or my children. I don’t think it’s “a shame” that other people want to do it, maybe they just handle that “floating” feeling better than I can. I assume that it’s enjoyable to most, but I get panicky.

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I don’t mind being tipsy (2 beers, max) but beyond that, no.

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Are not many medications mood altering substances? Marijuana probably has no more potency than a good number of household perscription medications, and it’s probably less addictive. Of course, I wouldn’t know by experience though. Marijuana carries the social stigma of being a “street” drug, and perhaps this doesn’t always allow us to give it a fair and proper assessment. I’m not advocating its recreational use though, but I might see some potential for medicinal purposes. As for the negative, I’m sure its has been a gateway drug for some.

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See “pete’s” answer

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@Aaron: there has been no causal relationship proven between marijuana and other drug use. By that “gateway drug” logic, mother’s milk leads to heroin.

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@PupnTaco – I wasn’t saying there was necessarily a direct relationship between the two, as if marijuana was the sole cause of someone’s drug addiction. I am in no way saying that trying marijuana absolutely leads to “harder” drugs, not at all. I am only saying it could permit someone to have a bit more of a vulnerability to “harder” drugs.

Any drug could be a “gateway” to an individual desiring more potent and perhaps more dangerous substances. I am not talking about any scientific causal proof. I am simply stating a possible reality. Though, in truth, it is probably the person’s desire to try a drug that might become their “gateway” to desiring other drugs.

Honestly, I would have to disagree with your “mother’s milk leads to heroin” analogy. I understand the point you are trying to make, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch, personally. I don’t think mother’s milk gives you a “high”, and at the very least marijuana does something like that, which I think could clearly allow for more of a desire for a high. In my opinion, marijuana and heroin would have a much closer relationship than milk and heroin.

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Well I think since most of the creative and intelligent people I admire are proponents of marijuana and other natural psychedelics, it’s got a good case for it.

Ram Dass, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Terrence and Dennis McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Carlos Santana….I could keep going.

I didn’t smoke pot until I was 19 because I held so closely to a worldview that was handed down to me by society.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of things in this world are upside down and that the truth is here, but kind of buried.

“Of course it’s illegal in Babylon, they’re the ones that crucified Christ remember?” – Bob Marley

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