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Fix as in restore to 2.0? What do you mean fix?

Did you get the jailbreak to work? I kept getting error “6”.

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If you use pwnage tool to make a custom firmware for your iPod and iTunes backs it up, if you tried to fix it by restoring it wouldn’t iTunes put the backup firmware on the iPod? In other words, how would you get the fixed ordinary firmware back? Would it be the same as installing the custom firmware?

No I havn’t jailbroke my iPod because I’m still not sure about it.

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When you make the custom firmware you still have the regular firmware tucked away. If you do not like the jailbreak you can easily revert back to the real 2.0. If you just click “restore” you go back to 2.0.

I would not attempt the jailbreak yet. The winpwn and pwnage are still very ubstable and buggy. A lot of people are having problems making the custom firmware, letalone installing it. If you can wait, I bet the ZiPhome guy will come out will a 1 step GUI soon.

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@Theotherkid: I’m not exactly sure if it’s the same thing, but in the case of the iPhone firmware, when you download it from within iTunes (iTunes Store), the iTunes application places the firmware in a special directory. On a Mac, it’s in ~/LIbrary/iTunes/iPhone_Software_Updates/ (may/may not be the case on Windows).

In that directory you should be able to see both firmwares; if you temporarily move them from that folder, and connect your iPod Touch, you can “force” iTunes to re-download the original 2.0 firmware (of course you may be charged for this). Otherwise, that directory would have both firmwares, and if you remove the pwnage built firmware, you can force iTunes to install the original firmware by connecting the iPod Touch, then Control clicking (on a Mac Option clicking) on the “restore” button, allowing you to locate the firmware manually by navigating to its location on the hard disk.

To force a restore on a crashed iPhone (may be the same on iPod Touch), I have to do the following: disconnect your iPod from the computer; hold down the “hold” button and the “home” button at the same time, until the iPod reboots; keep holding down until you see the Apple logo light up and then turn off; once the screen goes blank, release the buttons, then hold just the home button down, and while holding down, reconnect to the USB cable or dock, then launch iTunes, and you’ll see a pop-up window appear indicating your iPod is in “recovery mode”; if you get that far, then just follow the on-screen instructions to have iTunes re-install the correct firmware.

I will say that if you have jailbroken your 2.0 iPod Touch, these instructions may not apply; since you indicated you have not done so, it probably won’t be a problem…just make sure the pwnage firmware is removed from that directory before you proceed.

Hope that helps.

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…. I don’t think you can jailbreak 2.0

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If I restore back to 2.0.1 after jailbreaking, will I lose mail, weather, notes, etc?

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You may lose your notes, but mail (as long as it’s residing on a server as with yahoo, gmail, mobile me etc., will be retrievable after the restore. When you perform the restore, you will need to option-click (control-click on windows) then select the original firmware; it’s the one that doesn’t have the word custom in the filename (the ones that end in .ipsw).

I think CNET has a video how-to on jailbreaking via pwnage 2.0.1 that may be of help even though you’re going the reverse direction. May be worth a look before proceeding with all that work! Good luck ;)

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No I don’t mean the data I mean the actual applications. Are they located in the 2.0.1 firmware?

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I believe the default apps are part of the firmware: this would include Mail, Notes, Weather, Maps, and Stocks; see here for details.

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Ok thanks. Now if I jailbrake it and want to fix it, I go into DFU mode and select the original 2.0.1 file right? What about my un-jailbroken backup? Can I get that file?

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When you make the custom firmware the original is unaffected. A new .ipsw is made in addition I the defualt file.

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So if I just click restore will my iPod fix? Will I still have all of my data (mail, notes, contacts, bookmarks, etc.)?

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Also, will there be a new ziphone?
Sorry I’m asking all of these questions. I’m just not to sure about the pwnage tool. I want to make sure I can go back to ordinary firmware.

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It’s been pre-established that there will be no ziphone. When you restore, all of your data is lost, unless you back it up beforehand. once you have bought the software for the first time, you can download another copy for free, if necessary. You can always return to the regular software.

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when I restore it with the custom firmware and it asks if it wants me to set it up as a new iPod, can I set it up from the backup and will it put my data on my jailbroken iPod? Will this also work if I restore it?

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I’m off to bed. It’s 12am and I have to wake up at 5:30am in the morning.

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