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Have you watched The Jungle Book?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) April 8th, 2016

If not are you planning to watch? It will be very nostalgic experience for those who have read the book / seen the animated series. What was your experience?

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Meh, of course not.
I never liked Disney movies.

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Is there a new version out, or is this question related to one of the approximately eleventy kabillion versions already available?

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You mean this? I watched it as a child. It was decent. But the end seemed to poke a disturbing question: how could the boy fit it the village, after he had been raised by the wolves and had never came in contact with human before? Well maybe I was just over thinking it.

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He should have stayed with the wolves.
Because at some point he would have mated with one.
That should have been a movie.

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It’s new sort of live action. I’ll see just because Bill Murry is the voice of Bahloo.

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Nope..its the latest release -
I’m talking about this.

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From what I have seen from the trailers, it’s a live action replica of the animated Disney desecration. So I won’t see it.

I am not completely anti-Disney, but I still have not forgotten how they trashed my favorite book of childhood, Winnie-the-Pooh.

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No, but I read the movie. ;-)

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Actually, my wife just watching the trailer.

I’m more interested in whether the PETA nuts or the so called Anti-Colonialism set are gonna be more angry.

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Isn’t there a fistfight between a tiger and a snake in this or something?

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Snakes have fists. TIL.

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da moarr u n0

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