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What's your learning type?

Asked by EzraDixon (177points) April 8th, 2016

Overview of learning styles.

Here’s a short quiz if you’re unsure.

I’m a pretty even split between visual and bodily-kinesthetic (tactile).

What are some techniques that you use to remember things?

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I got 30/35/35. The hardest part was choosing only one answer. Usually all three applied.

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We’ll call it anecdotal if that makes you more comfortable, and I obviously am okay with mixed responses. That quiz I attached even tells you how much of each of three styles you mark. I’m not here to promote some primary school scheme. Just curious as to what other people test as and what actually seems to help them.

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I will say this:

I’ve personally never experienced the feeling that I only learned a certain way. There are some things that I simply have to do to learn to do correctly (this is true for most end-user products, like craft supplies or computer programs), other things I must read the manual for (putting together Ikea furniture, setting the time on the car stereo), and some things I learn best through lecture and discussion.

My son is seven years old and homeschooling. He has a hard time focussing on writing tasks, but it’s easier if I play instrumental music in the background. Whether that is a sign of a “learning style” or just a calming mechanism, I’m not qualified to guess. I do know it works, so I’ll take it.

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I’m also visual and tactile! Techniques I use include: flashcards, drawing, writing during lectures, and creating outlines while reading. If someone uses a word I’ve never heard I usually ask them to spell it so I can visualize the word, otherwise I can’t remember it. I also take a lot of anatomy classes, and for those I tend to actually “act out” what I’m learning (e.g, if I’m learning what a muscle does, I make the motion to feel what’s happening, or feeling around for stuff). Labs go best when I can tinker around and figure out the process by myself, rather than just the professor telling us each step to take or doing half the work themselves (really gets under my skin because they like to run a lot of the data for us instead of letting us use the equipment). Very hands-on.

I actually studied in Australia for a while and their education system there makes a lot more sense, IMO. There was your typical lecture (which was recorded and available online for you) and then something called a tutorial, which was discussion or problem based. As well as labs. Honestly, I never even went to the lectures and still did fine.

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I am only motivated enough to learn if said subject is interesting to me.

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I’m definitely auditory and this quiz said just that.

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I’m half tactile (50%) and half visual (45%). Hardly at all auditory. But like others I found it difficult to choose. It depends on what I am learning to do

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