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Ways and foods to eat without a kitchen?

Asked by zina (1643points) July 19th, 2007

I'm headed to grad school and I'm moving into a room that only has a sink (with 12 meals/week eaten in a cafeteria several blocks away). I'm planning to get a mini-fridge and a water-boiler (electric teapot), and I'm imagining cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, teas, nuts, and other snacky foods. Maybe a little blender for smoothies? Salad fixings? I'm seeking other suggestions for easy foods to make (especially breakfast and snack foods, but also for other meals), useful appliances (particularly cheap ones, but make any suggestion), or other creative ideas for stove-less cooking and eating.

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George Foreman Grill

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Wait, are we overlooking microwave?

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A microwave opens up the whole World of Trader Joe's cheap, somewhat healthy eats.

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oooooo forgot about the Foreman. I've got one in storage! woohoO! good one.

i might pass on the micro..... i know it's handy..... mmmmmm

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They just make them so small and cheap these days and it's so easy to heat water, hot pads, and lasagna. Also, if you get bored in grad school you can use it to explode Peeps. Your call : ) The George Foreman is also a good way to go.

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I've got one word for you--Raman.

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toaster oven. also, keep high-protein snacks in the fridge: hummus, peanutbutter...

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Toaster oven is a must. Very cheap and gets you the ability to bake pretty much anything you want, allowing for some very healthy and very tastey meals.

You can cook a small roast and baked potato if you really want to that way.

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hot sandwich maker....small cheap and east for a quick meal

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If you don't have one of the small electric grills, wrap your sandwich in several layers of aluminum foil and iron it. Makes great paninis and grilled cheese.

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Camping stoves?

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Many food stores have roterserrie chicken or turkey. This is nice even when have a kitchen or don't have time to cook after chasing a toddler most of the day. LOL Toaster oven, I agree are nice. Nice to have melted cheese toast or garlic bread. Be aware of the toaster oven ( would recommend a timer to stop the toaster oven ) the one we had, a few times in the 2 years we have used it, left it on by accident.

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If you will have a microwave...this is quick and yummy if you like egg mcmuffins.

Spray pam in a microwavable bowl, mix 2 eggs, microwave 1 minute, stir and add a slice of your favorite cheese, pop in microwave for another minute. Put it in toasted buttered muffins and presto. Its quick, easy and yummy at the same time when crunched with time.

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One more thing..LOL This reminds me of college years back in the '90s. I brought an electric wok! My friends and I experminted fun cooking other than chinese. If you need recipes for chinese, let me know. But one evening, we made chocolate and peanut butter eggrolls!

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I think that you are forgetting that deep-fryers are cheap, and ultra easy to use!

You could even go all redneck and deep fry your very own thanksgiving turkey dinner!

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Congratulations Zina! That is so great, Grad school. You earned the honor. I live in a home with an old fashioned stove that looks great but leaks gas so I turned it off years ago. I use the microwave, toaster oven, electric steamer, electric fryer, and electric wok to cook everything. I forgot my new favorite, the crock pot! Choose your equipment usage wisely. The microwave zaps nutrients out of veggies. I would be careful to cook more and use the cafeteria as a back-up because you have no control over calories or nutritional value there. Living without a stove is no biggie unless you have a large family or enjoy baking.

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toaster oven can do anything. I have made cake, steak, pizza, pretty much everything in a toaster oven. The electric water pot is a great idea. I would also recommend a magic bullet, another versitile device. Try to only have items that multi purpose. Get a nice chopping board too. A small wood block will do wonders in a tiny kitchen.

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I always thought Ramen Noodles were a necessity. Crackers and cheese of course along with maybe cucumber to get some nutrition. A friend of mine in college, loved to work out and he had a similar fate, he resided on lots of canned tuna. It can be mixed with cut up pickles and a few mayo packets. Apricot kernals are cheap and almonds if you can swing them. I know this will probably sound disgusting, but an effective meal for me is -King Oscars Smoked Sardines in a can, the Mediterranean ones quite tasty on a whole grain cracker, and you get your Omega’s.. Outside of that lots of smoked meats like jerky, etc for protein, and don’t forget the wide variety of veggies and fruits.

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When I was younger and on my own with low wages..I purchased the best versatile cooking tool that worked wonderfully.
It was an electric frying pan capable of creating cakes,stews,fried foods,stir frys etc
And the best thing about it also was that I only had one pan to clean up.

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