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How can I calculate the ground reaction of a grounded ship??

Asked by xichyu (222points) April 8th, 2016

How can I calculate the ground reaction of a grounded ship?

when it stranded on the shoal or reef.

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‘reaction’? What do you mean? When it tips? If the hull tears?

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The ship is going to list based on weight distribution and outside forces like wind and waves hitting it. The shape of the hull, of course…... This isn’t a good question. Are you writing a book or something? I don’t understand why it is such a poor question or why you would need to ‘calculate’ such a thing. What sort of ship are you even talking about? Are you an insurance adjuster or a ships captain? *shutters at the thought.

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I’m starting to imagine that you are a high seas pirate looking to ground a ship.

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Take the weight of the ship, then subtract the buoyancy force of the displaced water.

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