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Who would introduce more question-answer sites to me?

Asked by xichyu (222points) April 8th, 2016

who would introduce more question-answer sites to me?

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If you are wondering what Fluther once aspired to be I suggest

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Yahoo! Answers


Also, while not exactly a “questions and answers” website, Reddit is also a good choice to post Q&A type content. I’m still a member there myself. Haven’t been there in a while though.

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Fluther is quite good. Why not stay awhile? Give us a chance?

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Its like going to a store and asking for stores having same merchandise in the locality…))

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… or walking into a restaurant and asking the hostess to recommend “A nice place to eat around here.”

johnpowell's avatar is how I learned of this place. Note that they are very strict. It is five bucks and your questions need to have a actual answer or they will be nuked as chatfilter.

99% of the questions asked here would not be allowed on Metafilter.

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