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Women, do you have many male friends?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10930points) April 9th, 2016 from iPhone

I’m a lesbian in a relationship. I’m not the type of girl who likes to shop for clothes, watch chick flicks and sit and drink wine with my girlfriends. I’d rather be outdoors at a concert, go camping out in woods and really, just be out on crazy adventures. I can relate to guys more, I think. I have a few girlfriends, but we are mostly friends with straight couples.

I’d like to have some guys friends without them trying to get in my pants. Haha Just dudes to hang out and watch football and drink beer.

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I used to. Now that I’m a mom I have about 3 or 4 good lady friends but I see them now and then on weekends. At work, I have my own office and a very cool boss, and there are guy friends that will come in to visit me and sit for a half hour in my office and “shoot the breeze.” They are my friends but I don’t see them outside of work. I’m in touch with a bunch of people on FB but we don’t communicate any more or less than I do with the females. So I guess the answer to your question in the way you may be referring to “male friends” as in hangout friends would be no.

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I have a ton of male friends. Most, like me, are in committed relationships, but we love to talk and hang out together.

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I have about two straight close guy friends and three or four close gay guy friends.

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I do, but they are all from grade school or high school and most live far away, but we chat and help each other during hard times. The two who live closest to me are gay.

One good friend of mine recently had to unfriend me on fb because his girlfriend couldn’t handle our relationship. I’m still bummed about that one.

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I used to, in my twenties: all my best friends, about 7 out of 8, were male. The one female friend was someone I’d been close to since my second year of college. I found my male friends much easier to talk to than most women, more direct and genuine, not competitive, and pretty good at relaxing rather than posing.

I think they also valued having a female friend whom they could talk to about women without feeling any romantic pressure from me, and they didn’t pressure me either (except maybe a few times; but I said it would ruin our friendship, and good friends are much harder to find than lovers—so we didn’t).

These days I’m not doing well at maintaining most friendships, I’m sorry to say; but I think I’d still be fine with friends of both sexes. There’s always a few personalities that just don’t mix well.

At work, too, I always got along well with the men as well as with the women, with one or two exceptions.

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I need to find me some ‘lezbros’.

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I don’t really have “close” friends. There are people that I spend time with in the context of our shared interests, but we don’t, like, get together and play video games or babysit each others’ kids or have dinner parties.

I do know exactly who to call if I need help refinishing a piece of furniture or building a crossbow or stitching together leather boots, though.

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I went to a tech college that was about 70% male and now I work at a tech company so most people I associate with on a regular basis are men. I’ve always found it easy to be friends with men.

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I don’t have any friends. I work from home and my boyfriend is the only person I talk to. and I’m in a new state so i have no connections here.

…kill me.

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What is the real question here? What type of guidance is being sought? This would be helpful before answering.

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