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Is Blu-ray ever going to replace DVD?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) April 9th, 2016

I have a PlayStation 4 which takes Blu-ray discs for video games, but these are the only Blue-ray dics I own. And even then I usually buy games in digital. The machine also reads DVD discs and to this day, all the movies I buy are in DVD format.
I personally don’t think Blu-ray looks better enough than DVD to justify how expensive they are, but perhaps my TV, which is HD, isn’t badass enough, I don’t know. Although if anything, Blu-ray movies sure have flamboyant menues.

I’m asking this because although I spoke of steep prices, I have been noticing lately that a lot of Blu-ray movies find themselves with reduction price tags or inside of bargain bins. This may have to do with how much the movies themselves sell, rather than what format they’re on.

Blu-ray is meant to be the next everyday format and it’s been out for a number of years now, yet DVD is still going strong. Will it ever be replaced? Why has it not yet? What is your preferred format?

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I don’t think so. It kind of reminds me of the battle between Beta and VHS. Beta probably should have won, but it didn’t. I don’t know why.

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When VHS came out the price for it was quite cheaper than Beta. Although the quality wasn’t to Beta’s level, the cheaper prices made it much more accessible for just about everyone. Beta did nothing to counter this and so it died.

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VHS was also adopted by the porn industry so… sorry betamax
Blueray and DVD may as well be equivalent at this point and both are about to die.

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I think it also came out just a minute too late, if I recall. By the time they rolled beta out almost everyone have a VCR already.

Yeah, I have no idea what the differences between Bluray and a DVD are. Why do you think they’re about to die, @ARE_you_kidding_me?

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Nobody with a decent internet connection really needs them. Most hardcore gamers don’t even buy games on discs, they download them. We’ll rent a movie on Amazon before we get in the car and try to find it at a redbox. A few more years and they’ll be like 8-tracks. I don’t even keep compact discs anymore.

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The biggest problem with cassette and 8-track tapes was durability and reliability. There’s a resurgence of vinyl because it’s fairly durable and reliable.

Blu-ray won’t overtake DVD, but DVD and CD will live as long as there are DVDs/CDs and players to play them. People like to possess things, and there’s something infinitely satisfying about running into an old media that youve not thought of in years, popping it in, and kicking back for a while.
There’s a visceral aspect to beloved media that can’t be denied.

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@Dutchess_III I think Betamax was available slightly sooner, but the players were expensive, so it was only available for people with about $1000 1970’s dollars to spend, IIRC.

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@ibstubro I used to think that until I realized that my digital copies were persisting longer than the wear and tear on the physical discs. I havenot played a physical compact disc in years other than to rip it into my digital library. Once that happens it’s just a useless chunk of plastic to me that needs to get out of my space

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I can’t tell you how many digital images I have saved on my computer that I can no longer open, @ARE_you_kidding_me, and I’ve had a computer less than 20 years. People are still spinning vinyl that was sold before I was born.

Digital obsolescence

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The big improvement with Blu-ray was sound quality. There was a very minor improvement in picture.
I have something like 1700 DVD’s, and I am not going to start replacing them.

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Yeah, we have a blu-ray player as well as compatible xbox one’s, but they’re almost never used.
Probably only have half a dozen or so discs & they were bought a couple of years back.
We download our movies through various sources so these discs will be used as mini frisbees in the near future…I reckon

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Not sure physical copies of stuff is ever going to be entirely replaced by dgital content. Not right away anyway. That said most video games I own are digital, so it certainly is a thing. My PS4 has otherwise read way more DVD than it ever has Blue-ray.

@Dutchess_III and @Zaku VHS came out about a year after Beta indeed. Also VHS cost less to make but this means they broke easier. Beta was a fuckin tank.

@filmfann Yeah, I own about 300 movies, more or less, am not replacing them either. Also Blue-ray seems heavily centered around big Hollywood names, so finding rare or less popular stuff is difficult. I couldn’t get BR copies of foreign horror movies unless I lived in the country it’s from or order them online, DVD seems way more accessible.

@ucme Yeah the one physical PS4 game I own is collecting dust now…also the machine has to work a lot harder to play discs, seems way easier on it to run digital stuff.

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