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If you had a robot to play with for just five minutes every day, what would you have it do?

Asked by longgone (19605points) April 9th, 2016

Entertain the kids? Give you a massage? Mow the lawn? Do the dishes?

Let’s say it is programmed to do the same thing every day.

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Robot tentacle rape.

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Please have it wash the dishes for me. As long as it doesn’t complain that I don’t appreciate it enough.

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Sounds like a Mr. Handy is for you.

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Sold! Where do I send payment?

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You can order it from General Atomics International.
It will be ready to be shipped in 2037.

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A Mr. Handy in the day, and a Fisto for nighttime activites.

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Chores! Ranch hand robot. Scoop horse poo and carry, dump and fill the duck buckets and pitch the soiled hay.

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Yard work for sure, but I don’t think five minutes is gonna do it.

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finally played fallout 4…meh

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I suppose that depends on how life-like its mouth is.

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housework definitely

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Mine would take out the trash. Actually, I’d get two and have one take out the trash while the other one brushes one of the dogs. And then I’d get two more and have them vacuum.

Everything else, I’m fine doing myself.

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