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How do you like to eat onions?

Asked by Kardamom (31427points) April 9th, 2016

In honor of @ibstubro’s Q about Mustard, I thought I would ask a question about onions.

Do you like them? If so, what kinds? How do you like to eat them? Do you have any good recipes that call for onions?

I am an onion lover, are you?

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I do love onions, but I prefer them to be cooked, rather than raw. I had some onion rings with dinner today. Yum.

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Raw in salad, boiled, roasted, fried – - oh I just love onions. My father’s nickname in high school was “Onions” he played the position of tackle in football, he ate a whole raw onion before each game. The opposition gave him the nickname, he smelled of onions.

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I like ‘em just fine – now. Growing up, I was no fan of them in any form. Since becoming an adult, I enjoy them chopped in salads and in burritos, sautéed in soups, sauces and casseroles that call for them, sliced on sandwiches, and occasionally baked onto pizzas.

I like green onions, red onions (in salads and on sandwiches, especially), sliced white onions on hamburgers and cheeseburgers, and yellow onions most anywhere else that I’m going to use them.

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I like onion rings with ketchup.

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Cooked in tomato sauce, like for spaghetti. Raw with steak.

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I love onions. Raw or cooked. They are a fabulously versatile vegetable.

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Thrown in with a pot roast is the best thing ever.

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Not raw. I don’t like bad breath. They’re good on a Reuben.

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I loathe them, always have

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Sautéed with some salt and sometimes I add a mini bit of garlic, and usually eaten with steak. Sometimes, I like to put a lot of lemon on the sautéed onions.

Once in a while I crave an onion ring or blooming onion. Not often. After a few bites I feel like the extra bread and grease wasn’t worth it.

I use onions in other dishes where you may not know onions are in there. I use them for some sauces, like a red sauce I make for chicken. Also, in chicken soup. I use my chicken soup in my paella and when I make pipian.

Also, I shouldn’t forget I sometimes put onions in an omelet. Also, in my meatloaf and meatballs.

My ex used slice raw onions really thin and soak them somehow and add vinegar or lemon and salt, I don’t remember well, I just remember it was delicious. We used them on meat, on palomilla (a thin steak). I wish I could duplicate it. It’s one of the few ways I liked raw onions. The only other way I like raw onions that I can think of is in pico de gallo, and I make mine with a lot of lemon and salt. My husband says I put so much lemon it isn’t pico anymore.

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I like my onions….in the trash where they belong!

Anything that makes it so people can’t kiss is stupid!

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I like white onions, cut thin and across so they make long thin slivers. I put them raw or barely cooked on all sorts of food.
I bought green onions yesterday and plan to grow my own from now on in a jar of water in the window.

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Yellow and red onions are always on hand, as well as shallots and scallions. Chives are grown in the garden. We really like leeks, too. Not a day goes by where at least one type isn’t used. And don’t get me started on how much garlic we go through.

In addition to many of the uses mentioned above, some other ways are when roasting a chicken or turkey (especially the leeks), guacamole, Dijon potato salad, Indian dishes including onion bhajis, Chinese stir fry, French onion soup, pho, and chutneys.

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I quite like a little raw onion in a cheese sandwich, other than that I prefer them cooked.

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I like onions of all sorts. Cooked, raw, red, yellow or white, pickled, fried. French onion soup is a favourite. Onions are extremely healthy to eat. My body craves them sometimes. Onions and other veggies in the allium family should be eaten every day. I was suffering from bad allergies for a while in New Zealand, so I started eating organic garlic and drinking organic grape juice until I couldn’t stand the smell of myself any more. No more allergies.

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Never raw. I put them in chicken soup with celery and carrots (and chicken of course). They’re great in stew and sauces. I’m not a big onion eater.

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One of my favorites is a dish made with three different kinds of onions and boursin cheese. It is very rich and should be served at Thanksgiving or another special occasion.

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So far, I agree with everything that everyone who lauded the Onion has posted.

I wish I could find my pickled eggs and onions recipe.

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I love cooked and grilled onions, not so much raw, save a few, very thin, slices on a burger. Onions in spaghetti sauce, sliced and baked with cabbage, grilled over a steak, in soups, chili and, onion rings of course, but raw onions are not my thing. I do not like them in salads and only finely minced red onions in say potato salad of another pasta salad I make. I am not a fan of french onion soup at all. Gag. haha

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Sauteed! I can eat them by the plateful that way! And grilled. But…I notice that if I eat onions en masse my gums get soft after a few hours. Why is that?

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Now I’m jonesing for beer battered onion rings : P

I like all types of onions. I was just thinking about how much I love thinly sliced green onion rings floating on top of egg drop soup.

Today, I made my cauliflower “mac” and cheese with crumbled fake bacon, and mushrooms sautéed in onions and shallots. Oh Em Gee! It was so good. I also made a slaw with Napa cabbage and thinly sliced red bell pepper, and a dressing made with apple cider vinegar, orange juice, sesame oil, and shallots, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Winner! Winner! Winner! The slaw was one of my experiments and it passed.

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Have you seen the coconut bacon, @Kardamom?

Dang! It was $1.25 at Big Lots. I’ve picked it up twice, bought none.

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Sliced or chopped raw on burgers and hot dogs and fried with liver. And I love crisp onion rings with or without ketchup.

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Onion rings scream for ketchup!

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No! Onion rings deserve zesty sauce!

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I also say ketchup for onion rings. Heinz ketchup.

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Fried with everything!

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@ibstubro, you might even say onion rings cry for ketchup.

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I just ate some salad from a bag (it’s called Southwest Kit and it comes with a packet of dressing, cheese and tortilla strips). It had scallions in it and I didn’t like it at all. My breath tastes like onions and it’s gross.

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Oh, for cryin out loud, @Pachy!

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Creamed peas and pearl onions! Yum.

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@ibstubro My best friend told me about coconut bacon. She had it at a breakfast diner somewhere in Las Vegas. We’ve been looking for it ever since. She said it was really good.

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I bought coconut bacon at Big Lots, @Kardamom.
When I got to the car, I eagerly opened it and had a piece.
Personally, I found it so revolting that I turned around and took it back. “Either this is bad, or it’s a disgusting product. I cannot eat it.”

A sweetish, artificial bacony flavor and waxy texture, IMO.
Literal shudder.

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My uncle used to take an onion and eat it like an apple.
Surely, however, that was after the advent of Vidalia/“sweet” onions.

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@ibstubro my friend had coconut bacon at a restaurant, so I’m hoping that it was made there, or maybe it was a different brand. If I do see it at Big Lots I’ll get some and try it and see if it compares to what you had.

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Personally, I would suggest opening it in the store (after purchase), @Kardamom, and tasting of it before going to the trouble of taking it home.
What I had was foul.

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….What’s the point of opening it at the store after you bought it? Why not wait until you get home?

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^^If you want to return it you don’t have to make another trip.

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Wait….what kind of food are we talking about?

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Vegan bacon made with coconut.
Salty, smokey and no meat.

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I’m just not seeing food that you buy at the grocery store as something you can just return because you don’t like it….I mean, I guess you could, but it just seems odd to me.

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If something is disgusting, you could return it. I don’t usually because it’s usually just a few bucks, but you can. I’ll return things if they’re bad (like fruit being half rotten). I will return things at Costco because at Costco, you can without any question or argument. Also, at Costco, it’s not just a few dollars you are spending on a food item. It’s usually more like ten, unless it’s something like blackberries.

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I’ve returned food that’s turned out to be bad, but not only to get my money back, but to give them a heads up. But that’s just not the same thing, in my mind. That’s just me, I guess. WTH do you buy that’saverages $10 for one food item?

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@Dutchess_III: Costco has large quantities of things, so if it’s cereal, coffee, nuts (3 lbs.), cat food, canned food, cheese, meat, yogurt, rice, sugar, it’s large quantities and more money (but less money per pound or per ounce). I don’t buy all of the things I’ve named above, but I do buy some.

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Oh, Like Sams Club. I see. I used to buy in bulk like that when I had a daycare. Once a month I grocery shopped. I always ended up with 4 shopping carts full.

But, in light of our discussion, in a way, that’s even worse. Opening up a very large package of some new food, trying it at the store, then deciding you don’t like it and taking it to customer service with an explanation and to get your money back. Large or small, they’d just have to throw the whole shebang out.

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