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Prompted by the flop that is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of AIDS", which superhero has the lamest/laziest/most uncreative name ever?

Asked by ragingloli (47284points) April 10th, 2016

I think “batman” and “superman” are right up there on the lameness scale.

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You’re looking for….......Bicycle Repair Man

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It’s hard to defend calling a movie that’s making that much money a flop. Yes, the second week numbers dropped 68%, but only because it’s first week numbers were incredible. The third week numbers (a much better indicator) show little drop off.

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He-Man is clearly the laziest name.

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Wonder Woman, is she consumed with self doubt, needing constant reassurance?
It’s a shit name, almost as bad as Supergirl, couldn’t be bothered to label her a woman?

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I hate channeling Godwin here, but wasn’t Hitler a big fan of Superman?

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Hitler was a fan of being an asshole.

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Jean Grey. The mutant super-heroine so lazy she couldn’t even bother to think of a superhero name for herself.

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I agree the movie was crap. I rather liked Ben Affleck, though. I thought that this was the first time that Batman actually acted like a detective.

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