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What inspired your fluther screenname?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) July 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I find some of the screennames on the site pretty interesting and was just wondering what the inspiration for them was. By the way, my screenname is just the last four letters of my first and last name, Jea(naye) Wr(ight). I thought it was cool because it spelled eight somewhere in there and I always liked the number eight….

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Left is for liberal, eh is my tribute to Canada.

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@ shrubbery, that question was pretty intense. A good 1/2 was removed by fluther moderators, haha! Thanks for posting it though. I did search for it but I typed in screenname instead of name….

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Umm, mine was inspired by Shia LaBeouf, weirdly enough.

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yeah I remembered it as soon as I saw your question cause it was intense as you said! ah well, it’s good you asked again cause there’s lots of new people since then

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My birth month, followed by my initials

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It’s a name I use for everything else (Xbox Live, PSN, etc)

If I remember correctly, it was some catch phrase in a Taco Bell commercial a while back and it was something like “Crunchy”, “Cheezy” and “Easy?”

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Um. I’m not quite sure about the history of my name since it’s the same name I’ve used since I started playing Tribes 2 in 7th grade. If I had to guess, then it would probably be a combination of my initials and my favorite 3 digit fictional character.

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It’s a weird combination of my first and last name.

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It’s my surname, which I picked out on my own.

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One of my ex-boyfriends would always call me lovely and I just added the extra “y”.

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It’s a song by my favorite band (Bon Jovi) and if I were a flower, I’d be a wildflower of some sort….

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my name spelt backwards

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My godmother’s first name followed by my ex-husband’s surname’s first initial.
Really easy to remember.

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@susanc: I assumed Susan was your name.

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It’s a name I have been using for a couple of years now and to be honest I pulled it out of thin air. I needed an individual name handle for gaming, forums and sites so I decided Skyrail would fit the bill. I also use a few others when my first choice is taken. It’s funny really, because about 6 months later I began playing one of the Bond games again (James Bond) and one of the multi player missions is called Skyrail, but my name is no link to that ;)

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My inspiration comes from, well…… Hahaha. Not very original. but very easy to remember.

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I like dragonflies and faith is a reference to “Have a little Faith in me” by Joe Cocker.

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my name when I play fantasy football. My team is the Gators. I was the only girl on our league, so everyone called me Mzgator, and it stuck. For fantasy football it is spelled…mzg8r!

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@mzgator Great team choice :-D

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well i like waterskiing and i graduated from HS in 2007. i have used this name for everything besides youtube because it doesnt allow enough characters so i go with waterskier20 there

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Poof is what we call one of my cats, Bo, because she’s a Maine Coon. My other cat’s name, Bo’s sister, is Mookie. poofandmook.

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@lefteh, I always thought you were left handed!

My usual screen-name is House Mouse (childhood nickname), but I didn’t want to be recognized (by my sister, a dedicated Flutherer) when I posted my first question, so I went with something totally out of left field. I’m still trying to figure out how I can change the name to House Mouse, but I am NOT willing to sacrifice my hard earned lurve to do it!

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Fall Stand Begin Again was a band from NJ, and I always liked the name

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“Man of Science, Man of Faith” is a Lost episode. My name represents both my love of lost (with a slight adaptation, since I’m not a man) and my love of science.

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Its my first name

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i like to think i’m unique and that a person like me is hard to find. like a needle in the hay.

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@aneedleinthehayy: Why the multiple ‘y’s?

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@MacBean: How did you pick out your own last name?

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Low self esteem.

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<-thinks loser should change his name to something like raddude

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I used to explode for every little thing when I was in middle school (very, very bad temper) as fast as a lighter! so people started calling me flameboy, and I had it on my soccer jersey and my bmx jersey, I’ve been called flameboy for like 15 years now, I love it, but only my closest friends are allowed me to call me like that, and I use it everywhere :)

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Somebody once said to me: “you’re such a scamp!” because of my devilish sense of humor, and it stuck!

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Its one of my many many nicknames
becker is my last name and 99% of the people that know me call me becker and 24 is my age

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It’s an email name I have been using for years. Had I thought about it more, I would have picked something else. It just doesn’t fit me anymore.

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@girlofscience—Legal name change.

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@MacBean: That’s what I figured. What inspired you to legally change your name? Did you change your first name as well? How did you decide on your new name(s)?

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@girlofscience—Long, complicated, personal story. I’ll send you a private message about it shortly!

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