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It's Sunday. What's the most remarkable thing that happened to you last week?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17269points) April 10th, 2016

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M. My grandkids, as usual.

The two girls, age 2 and 4, started a most delightful game, and I was included in it. One would sit with me on the porch steps, and the other was on a hot wheel pedal trike. The one on the trike would drive away, around the corner where she couldn’t be seen. The one with me would moan, “Momma’s gone. Momma’s gone.” I would be sad with her.
Then “Momma” would come flying around the corner, and the one with me would squeal, “There she is!” stand up with her arms outreached. Momma would slam the pedal bike into the bottom step and stand up and lean over the handle bars and they would embrace so joyfully!
When the two year old was with me, being the child left behind, she really got into it. A few times I thought she was going to start crying when “Momma’s gone,” came up. But at the first sound of the wheels coming closer she’d jump up and squeal “Momma’s coming! Momma’s coming!!” She’d point excitedly, and pull my head around so I could look into her radiant, joyful face as she crowed, “Momma’s coming!!”.
Not remarkable, but it was a really nice, loving game. :D

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Exactly one week ago, I was at a resort for Spring Break. I was with my daughter and some friends came up to visit. 7 days ago right at this time we were hanging out and also I was packing up.

Other than that, the work week was relatively mundane. Nothing particularly exciting that anybody would want to hear about. I went to an auction last night. Fun. Yesterday, day, I stayed home and organized my jewelry. Today I unpacked from my trip (yes, the trip I came home from 7 days ago).

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I bought myself a red Mini Cooper roadster.

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Really??!! Pictures or it ain’t so!

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^ check FB.

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Going, going, go….

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I turned 60.

I am not a believer in celebrating my birthday, and I didn’t, but I do acknowledge that I have now lived 7 years longer than my Dad. It seems impossible to me.

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Been there, done that. Congratulations on another deca-milestone, @filmfann.

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Last Sunday afternoon I was hurt and angry because a man I had volunteered to help set up his electronic equipment cancelled out by telephone when I was only moments from his house—which was a 45-minute drive from mine.

This Sunday, having managed to get over my immature snit early in the week, I returned to his house, successfully set up his stuff, and left with his apology and gratitude (which I did not need) and most imporant, the pleasant feeling that I had behaved like a mensch.

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So far I have done more than a half of my first chapter despite being extremely busy.

Last Thursday my class started to plan for a project of making a mini-gameshow, which should have been done long ago because the teacher announced it three weeks ago. All the class “bosses” (class representative, class president…) dominated the discussion and turned the whole end product into a mess. They just couldn’t decide whether they wanted it to be a straight-forward gameshow or a serious educational show, so they merged them together and everything became so confusing, well at least to me. I warned them of the inconsistency many times but they just ignored me. Well, I was alone anyway. Finally everyone agreed on the mess and things are under way now. Later someone at my school confirmed that my fear is true.

Last Friday I sat for an exam. Well, not exactly an exam, more like a competition in paper form. Basically it was all about who got the higher score than who, and the prize looked promising enough. I registered last month. It was not so bad, but I can’t say about the end result until they announce the result next month.

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@Pachy, Fluther leaves me running for my dictionary ALL THE TIME! I love it.

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My son went to school camp for the week. Second time only in his entire 11 and a half years we were away from each other for a whole 5 days.

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It’s weird, isn’t it!

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