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What do you think about this "movement"?

Asked by trolltoll (2570points) April 10th, 2016

Called the “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW) movement. You can find out more information here.

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The link in your details goes back to your OP, not to info about the “movement”.

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It still boomerangs.

Here’s the corrected link:

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@Brian1946 Idk I edited it and it works for me lol

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MRA scum, is what they are.
Self proclaimed “real” men, who decry the demise of the patriarchy, the supremacy of males, and the subjugation of women.
Like that Elliot Rodger, who shot up a university because he could not get laid.

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@ragingloli what do you make of this comment I found there, directed at women in general?

“Quit invading male spaces, doping little boys for being naturally rambunctious, making false rape allegations, censoring what people say, getting men fired for not being ‘politically correct’, calling for curfews on men, opposing the presumption of equal parenting, promoting the fraudulent “Duluth Model” of domestic violence…
Then sure, we won’t say much about you cunts.”

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They decry the subjugation of women?

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they decry the demise of the subjugation of women.
Just proves my point.

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Copy. Who cares what a bunch of adolescent, never grew up, white priveleged, latent homosexual boys think? Let ‘em roam. I thnk it is a predictabe reaction. When a bully is confronted and forced to stop bullying he cries like a baby and tries to turn it back on the person(s) who object to the behavior. Mr. Drumpf is a perfect example. When, in the first debate, Miss Kelly asked him about his behavior he threw a fit and kept referring later to the incident as her asking him “nasty questions”. They weren’t in any way nasty or inappropriate, but the fact that someone called him on his bullshit when he expected to just have everyone roll over for him pissed him off. And because he is such a narcissist and a priveleged cunt, he is unable to control himself from having public displays of childish behavior. He has no more self awareness than a three year old. The guys in this forum are simply more of the same.

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I think it’s almost unbelievable how hilariously ironic it is that the name “Men Going Their Own Way” suggests pouting misogynistic homophobes in self-denial about their own sexuality. I mean, who would name an organization that except men who don’t realize that what’s going on, nor what that sounds like?

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I don’t need the support of a movement to think my own thoughts, design my own destiny, craft my own identity.

The movement is odd to me because I do not see how the benefits of this way of thinking can only benefit men.

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@Zaku right? I can just see tiny little arms folded across little chests and bottom lips stuck way out. “HMMM. Not gonna eat it!”

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Childish, and immature bigots; with a persecution complex.

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They should call it the The Sour Grapes club. speaking of, HC has been pretty quiet lately.

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Perhaps he’s now going his “own way”.

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I like HC and I hope he doesn’t leave. For the most part, he’s hilarious.

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@Brian1946 , He mentioned he is brushing up on his coding to create his own ‘better’ version of Fluther after calling this place a few choice words. So, I guess, yes, he is, quite officially, going his own way.

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I think it’s a debate I prefer to stay away from.

I’ve listened to both sides—the MRAs and the feminists—and often I agree on various points with one side or the other.

But what struck me is how polarised, partisan and tribalistic it all is. There’s so much vitriol and mud-slinging, and it only makes the respective in-groups more insular, and even more into ideological echo-chambers.

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When a particulat group have been dominant in every aspect of society for hundreds of years and finally begin to lose that privelege, when the individuals of the groups who have been opressed finally start to have a voice and throw off the yoke so to speak, those are two different dynamics. No one is suggesting that white men have now to be subjugated to women. Only that their bad behavior will no longer be tolerated.Throwing a tantrum because I am no longer willing to accept a supporting role in your life is not in the least bit equal to my breaking free of the role you have up until this point defined for me. (I say you not as a person but as a representation here)
Can you not see the difference in the two dynamics here?

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@Jak Which “group” would that be exactly? Because “white men” isn’t a group—unless you think peasants and kings are somehow equivalent.

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It sounds just as bad as the Feminist movement. Both I think, are bullshit.

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@Jaxk I’m a feminist, try me.

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