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In "Captain Planet" is Doctor Blight, Linka from the future?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18836points) April 10th, 2016

They look similar. Doctor Blight looks like a couple of years older than Lynka. Maybe an accident killed Wheeler , drove her nuts, and scared her face.

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Doctor Blight has a time machine. So she could be Lynka from the future.
“two Futures Part one” May 18, 1991 TBA
The Planeteers’ mission to prevent Dr. Blight and Greedly from travelling back in time to speed up global warming takes a turn for the worse. When Wheeler gets chastised for messing up, he doubts his own worth as a Planeteer. Dr. Blight sweet talks Wheeler into forgetting the Planeteers, and has MAL send Wheeler back in time and alter his past. Wheeler accepts and convinces his past self to get rid of his Planeeter ring. However, Wheeler is then sent forward in time to the 21st Century, where he sees first hand how his actions end up drastically changing the future.

“two Futures Part two” May 25, 1991 TBA
Traveling back in time so that he never becomes a Planeteer, Wheeler jeopardizes the survival of life on Earth. Gaia told Wheeler that after he traveled back in time to get rid of his Fire ring, he has changed the history and when Wheeler asks Gaia that why somebody was chosen to become Planeteer instead of Wheeler, Gaia reminds him that he was supposed to set an example for countless others and since he declined to be a Planeteer, the Planeteers went their separate ways and there was no Captain Planet. After Wheeler changed his past, Dr. Blight sent Hoggish Greedly and Rigger back in time to the 1950s to take advantage of lower environmental standards. When Gaia gives him the chance to go into the future and see the consequences of his actions, he sees all sorts of environmental disasters. He also meets aged versions of his fellow Planeteers who are struggling by themselves to fend off problems, as well as a powerful and super-rich Hoggish Greedly and Rigger who have taken over Hope Island, made Gaia die as her hut is now a toxic waste dump and made Hope Island into Las Vegas type Glitter and Glamour place. Wheeler realizes how much he, along with every individual, contributes to the future of the planet.

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The video link brought a tear to my eye thinking about if my thoughts were true. I had a crush on Lynka when I was a kid . Update I feel bummed out that I made that link. I feel sorry for a fictional character.

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Just keeping it active I’m still interested in this question .

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Still interested in this question.

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I can’t believe you answered your own question.
You crack me up.

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Captain Planet: Boris dies It doesn’t have the be Wheeler.

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